La Chacalosa beer in honor of late Jenni Rivera sells out in record time

Kim Schewitz December 19, 2022
La Chacalosa beer in honor of late Jenni Rivera sells out in record time

La Chacalosa beer – a lager dedicated to Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera – was launched at the weekend and such was its popularity it sold out within an hour.

Mike Rivera, eldest son of the singer, created La Chacalosa to mark the tenth anniversary of his mother’s passing.

We cover the launch of La Chacalosa beer and how fans reacted.

La Chacalosa beer launches in LA

The beer was officially launched on Saturday (December 17, 2022) at the Tamalfest in downtown Santa Ana, Los Angeles, the LA Times reports. Tamalfest is an annual family friendly food festival that curates local food, businesses and entertainment.

La Chacalosa is brewed in Orange County at the Cerveza Cito Brewery. The venue held another launch for the beer the following day and the beer proved so popular it sold out within the first hour and is not yet available to order online.

Another of Jenni Rivera’s sons, Johnny Cinco, posted a TikTok from Cerveza Cito stating: “This is mom’s new beer and it sold out… before the first hour.”


I don’t drink beer. I’m much more of a liquor drinker but had to try my Momma’s new ‘La Chacalosa’ beer that my brother Mikey worked on 🍺 so proud of him. Who wants to try it?? #jennirivera #lachacalosa #beer #cervezacito

♬ Chuper Amigos – En Vivo Banda – Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera beer was inspired by song of the same name

La Chacalosa is a lemon and sea salt-flavored lager and was inspired by Jenni’s song of the same name. The beer can’s label features a photograph of Jenni.

Mike told the LA Times: “I wanted to capture that essence of my mother and it seemed to me that La Cachalosa, which is the title of one of her songs, worked perfectly as a name.

“When my mom drank beer, she would go for something simple and straightforward, and we thought her fans would go for something like that – a product that lends itself to grilling [meat] and sitting down with the family.” 

According to Urban Dictionary, chacalosa is a “Mexican term used to describe a girl who likes to have fun drinking, partying and dancing.”

Huge fan demand for La Chacalosa

Jenni Rivera had a huge fan base, so no wonder her beer sold out so quickly. The comments on social media posts about the beer are filled with adoring messages about the Basta Ya singer.

An out-of-state fan wrote: “As a big fan of Jenni, I need this beer. Hopefully they’ll sell it in Colorado.”

Others commented on how happy it made them to see the star’s children doing well. One wrote:”It makes me so happy to see y’all accomplishing sooo much in your mom’s memory. Que viva Jenni!”

Another wrote: “This makes me soo happy! The Diva still taking care of her babies 😍. Forever a fan!”

A third fan wrote: “I don’t like beer but, for Jenni, anything!”

What happened to Jenni Rivera?

Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012 at the age of 43. The flight was traveling from Monterrey in Mexico to the city of Toluca. The aircraft was carrying only seven people and tragically everyone on board was killed in the crash.

Her children took to Instagram on the recent anniversary of her sudden passing to honor their mother. Her daughter Chiquis wrote: “Foolishly, I thought It would have been a little easier today because it’s been ten years now, but somehow it weighs heavier. Just to know I’ve lived ten whole years without you hurts.”

Jacqui Rivera wrote in a post: “It’s only by God’s grace we’ve made it this far without you. Ten years in Heaven for momma. I promise I am really happy that you’re resting and at peace.”

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