KFC vegan chicken USA locations 2022: Where to get your Veganuary fix

Yasmine Leung January 6, 2022
KFC vegan chicken USA locations 2022: Where to get your Veganuary fix
Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for KFC

KFC and Beyond Meat have unveiled news of their vegan crispy chicken. Want to try? Here are the USA locations serving the meat-free option.

Fast food chains are jumping on the meatless bandwagon for Veganuary.

Burger King already has the Impossible Whopper, and Chipotle announced their plant-based chorizo on 3 January as an alternative.

Now, KFC are launching their crispy plant-based fried chicken in collaboration with Beyond Meat.

The franchise already has their vegan burger in the UK, but they’re taking it a step further to chicken pieces that emulate the real deal in the US.

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Fast Foodies | S2 Official Trailer | truTV

Fast Foodies | S2 Official Trailer | truTV

KFC vegan chicken USA locations

KFC Beyond Fried Chicken will be available in all 4000 US locations starting Monday, 10 January, for a limited time.

However, the company have yet to clarify the dates, so we recommend checking their social media for future updates or visiting your local branch from Monday onwards.

Plant-based chicken was first trialed in August 2019 at an Atlanta branch and sold out their supply in less than five hours. In 2020, they expanded to Southern California, Charlotte and Nashville, which sold out in one week.

Available as a combo meal or à la carte, they will be accompanied by one of their dipping sauces – honey mustard, honey BBQ, KFC sauce and ranch.

Prices start at $6.99.

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How is it prepared?

Customers are searching whether the new alternative is “truly vegan” in terms of its preparation methods.

While the vegan burger uses “separate utensils and storage units to make sure vegan ingredients don’t come into contact with meat products”, KFC have clearly stated that plant-based fried chicken is “not prepared in vegan/vegetarian manner”.

This implies that the product will be cooked in the same oil as their traditional chicken.

It has stirred some debate with many calling it as vegetarian, not vegan, due to the cooking method. However, others have continued to label it as vegan since they think “being cooked in the same oil is not harming any more animals”.

I guess it depends on where people draw the line themselves.

Fried chicken fans

Whether it’s vegan or vegetarian, there’s no denying that customers are pleased that there’s another meatless option in the fast food market.

Beyond Meat is one of the most popular vegan meat brands hence why readers are optimistic about the taste.

In hindsight, South Park was ahead of its time with its 2017 episode joking about Beyond KFC – it’s now actually here.

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