How to get your Starbucks Year In Review as Wrapped-style recap rolls out

Eve Edwards January 11, 2023
How to get your Starbucks Year In Review as Wrapped-style recap rolls out
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Move over Spotify Wrapped, Starbucks is here to share a Year In Review with their loyal customers.

As we turn from one year to the next, companies use the opportunity to share with their customers a look back over their year of interactions. Music streaming service Spotify undoubtedly popularized the concept, with their Wrapped slideshow and playlist. But they have spawned a similar Wrapped-style review from other music streamers and even apps such as Duolingo have joined in.

Now, coffee chain giant is hopping on the trend, sharing a look back at customers’ 2022 through their drink orders.

Let’s take a look at how you can get your Starbucks Year In Review.

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What is Starbucks’ Year In Review?

If you’ve been on social media of late, you might see some users sharing their Starbucks Year In Review. The 2022 recap was sent out to coffee lovers on January 10, over a month after Spotify Wrapped released.

Late to the bandwagon, the Year In Review still offered regular customers an insight into their spending habits at Starbucks.

It shows customers the most popular drink they ordered throughout the year, how many times they visited a Starbucks store, and how many Stars they earned.

How to get your Starbucks Year In Review

For those Starbucks customers wondering how to participate in the trend, you might be looking to your Starbucks app. But the Year In Review was actually sent out to customers over email, with coffee lovers reporting they had received the email on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

You will need to be a Starbucks Rewards member to access this Year In Review. This is as Starbucks only has the spending details for Rewards and the contact details of Rewards members.

You can easily sign up as a Starbucks Rewards member by heading to their website or downloading the app. Members earn a Star for every dollar spent in store. As you earn Stars, you can them redeem them for freebies (Rewards) such as free food, drinks, and more.

Starbucks lovers have been after a Wrapped 2022 for years

The Starbucks Year In Review will come as a welcome surprise for many regular customers, who have been after this Spotify Wrapped-style recap for a while.

“Starbucks should come out with a year in review so it can tell me how many dollars I spent on almond milk flat whites with 2 pumps raspberry and bacon egg bites,” one regular customer tweeted in December 2020.

More recently, in August 2022, another tweeted: “Starbucks should do a Year in Review like I want to know how many brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso’s I’ve had this year.”

Starbucks has customers reflecting on their yearly spending habits

As customers uncovered that they have been visiting Starbucks stores hundreds of times a year, it has some thinking about one thing: their spending.

Since the Starbucks Year In Review rolled out, regular customers have been joking about how many dollars they’ve dropped at the beloved coffee chain.

“Starbucks sending out a 2022 wrapped was fun until I did the math on how much money I spent based on how many stars I earned,” one tweeted.

“I actually didn’t need Starbucks to email me a Starbucks wrapped telling me how many times I went to Starbucks last year,” another joked.

Photo by Davide Bonaldo/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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