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How much is a Shamrock Shake in 2022? Can you still get one after St Paddy's Day?

Daniel Munro March 18, 2022
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An annual staple of the St Patrick’s day celebrations for many is the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, but how much does it cost in 2022? And more importantly, with St Paddy’s now behind us, can you still get one?

As inflation sweeps across the US continent (and the world at large), fast food lovers are wondering if their favourite green drink has suffered a price increase this year.

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How much is a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake in 2022?

Want to celebrate St Paddy’s Day with a drink but don’t care much for Guinness? Perhaps a Shamrock Shake may be more up your street.

Since its return on 21 February, customers all over the US have been sharing snaps of the creamy green beverage on social media.

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But with prices rising on items all over the country from gas to Starbucks, it’s only natural to wonder if your favourite seasonal milkshake has been affected too.

According to, back in 2018 a Shamrock Shake would cost you $2.29 for a small, $2.49 for a medium and a large was $2.99.

Now, in 2022 however, the price of a Shamrock Shake has reportedly risen to as much as $3.69 for a small, $4.29 for a medium and $4.79 for a large!

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The history of the iconic shake

Many people may be surprised to learn that the Shamrock Shake has actually been available in various McDonald’s locations since the 1970s.

The Shake’s official page on the company’s website explains how the Shamrock Shake was invented in 1967 by franchise owner HalRosen. Later, it gradually became available across the US until, in 2012, all stateside branches served it.

As of 2020, the Shake is also available in Canada and Ireland.

And, if the minty vanilla shake wasn’t enough, fans of the drink can now enjoy the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry at participating restaurants, too.

Can you still buy a Shamrock Shake after St Paddy’s Day?

Typically, the shake is served up to but not beyond St Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated each year on 17 March.

After this date, you may still be able to get one of the famous drinks but this will vary by store. In many locations, the drink remains available for a few days after the Irish holiday. However, this isn’t always the case.

Some fans have still been able to get their hands on one, though:

If you want to be pedantic, technically you can always buy a Shamrock Shake after St Patrick’s Day as McDonald’s launches the product every February!

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