How much are the new Pizza Hut slices? Melt price and where to buy

Bruno Cooke October 20, 2022
How much are the new Pizza Hut slices? Melt price and where to buy
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Pizza Hut is once again trialling a single-slice option – sort of – with its new Melts, but how much are they, and where and when can you buy them?

“Melts were designed for a pizza party of one,” CNN quotes Pizza Hut as saying in a press release

As a result, customers can now “enjoy the delicious taste of pizza without having to order a whole pie.”

According to the latest reports, they come in four flavors, none of which is vegetarian. Here’s what you need to know.

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How much are the new Pizza Hut pizza slices? Price of a Melt revealed

The new Pizza Hut Melt product costs $6.99 per unit – they’re sort of like individual slices, although CNN notes that they’re actually two slices of Thin N’ Crispy pizza “folded together.”

So you’re sort of paying $3.50 per individual slice of Pizza Hut pizza, but they’ve been moulded together like a calzone.

This isn’t the first time Pizza Hut has trialled a single slice option, although the fact that the new Melts are not simple single slices is likely a result of how much interest their last experiment stoked.

CNN reported in 2014 that the Hut was serving up single slices. But the trial never expanded beyond its York, Nebraska and Pawtucket, Rhode Island locations.

What flavors do the new Pizza Hut Melts come in?

There are four recipes, according to Restaurant Business Online (RBO).

These are: Pepperoni Lover’s, with marinara dipping sauce; Buffalo Chicken, with buffalo and ranch sauce options; Chicken Bacon Parmesan, with ranch; and Meat Lover’s, with marinara.

None is vegetarian. More may follow, however.

RBO describes the hand-held offering as “part stromboli, part quesadilla.” The idea, per marketing materials, is not to share.

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How does the price of a Pizza Hut Melt compare to a single slice of regular pizza?

Pizza Hut’s new take on the single slice costs $6.99, but how does this compare to a personal pan pizza, or a double slice of a shared pizza?

The Hut’s small 8in personal pizza has four to six slices, serves one or two (according to Bacinos), and costs $9.99.

Meanwhile a large Thin ’N Crispy cheese pizza costs $14.99, a quarter of which (two slices) would amount to $3.75 worth of pizza. 

In other words, it may still be more economical to go with friends. 

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Where and when can you buy the new Melt?

Pizza Hut Melt slices have been available for the price of $6.99 from participating restaurants nationwide (US) since Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Visit for the chance to win $100 by not sharing your Melt on social media.

There are more than 6,000 Pizza Huts in the US. The Melts appear, at time of writing, to be available only in the US.

The brand previously tried to introduce the P’Zone, a “pizza-calzone hybrid that debuted in 2002” (per Fox Business) and the P’Zolo, a “pizza-sub sandwich hybrid that debuted in 2012.” But neither caught on. Will the Melt share the fate of its forebears? 

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