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What is Simply Avocadoade? Make your own with this recipe

Helen Williams August 19, 2021
simply avocadoade

Avocados are well-known for their many health benefits. The fruit contains healthy unsaturated fats and is so versatile that it can be used in all kinds of dishes from salads to desserts.

One purpose of avocado that people may not have seen coming is Avocado-ade – yes, that’s avocado-flavour lemonade. Drinks brand Simply has its own edition of Avocadoade so here’s a look at why it’s trending and how to make your own avocadoade.

What is Simply Avocadoade?

Simply juices and drinks are owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

Their juice drinks come in many flavours including orange, cranberry cocktail, lemonade, peach and more.

For anyone who hadn’t come across Simply’s ‘avocadoade’ before, it turns out that a social media star named Doctor Photograph has created another flavour to add to Simply’s full range of juices. On both Reddit (u/Doctorphotograph) and Instagram, Doctor Photograph shared a photo of Simply’s ‘Avocadoade’.

Unfortunately Simply’s ‘avocadoade’ isn’t a real product, but the drink can be made at home with our recipe below.

Why is Avocadoade trending?

Avocadoade is trending in 2021 as people may be wondering what exactly the drink is and some are even wondering how to make it.

The fruit is very popular all over the world and the hashtag for ‘#avocado’ on TikTok has a whopping 3.3 billion views.

From making guacamole to hacks, tips and tricks on the best ways to slice an avocado, there’s no end of content available on the fruit.

Avocadoade looks to be the latest trend to do with avocados. One Twitter user wrote: “Hear me out… avocado lemonade. And it was delicious” and posted a photo of a jug of avocadoade alongside it.

Baker’s Dozen | Taste the Nation | The Next Thing You Eat | Announcement | Hulu

Baker’s Dozen | Taste the Nation | The Next Thing You Eat | Announcement | Hulu

How to make Avocadoade

Despite the Simply avocadoade not being a real thing, the drink can be made at home.

To make the drink add one cup of sugar to one cup of hot water to make a syrup.

Then, in a blender, add two avocados and the syrup and blend together.

To make enough avocadoade for a group, follow the same process but with the following quantities:

  • 2.6L water
  • 240ml lemon juice
  • 350g sugar
  • 85g avocado puree
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