Is burger franchise Five Guys closing its restaurants in 2021? Some denizens of the Internet seem to think that Five Guys is set for closure, but is there any truth to the rumours? Read on to find out.

It’s a worrying time for the foodservice industry with a reported one in six restaurants closing since March. A rumour has been circulating that classic fast food chain Five Guys could now join the 100,000 restaurants closing their doors, but is there any truth to this?

The rumour seems to have started around the middle of December with some Twitter users posting about Five Guys closing in 2021.

Other users picked up on the speculation, expressing their disappointment.

However, the source of the speculation seems to have originated from the closure of Five Guys in Oman, which fans mistook as the entire franchise closing.

While Five Guys have sold 27 of its locations in Texas, including the restaurant in Southlake Town Square, there is no indication they will close the franchise in 2021 – or any time soon.

In fact, Five Guys recently announced the expansion of the beloved burger brand into the Australian market in 2021.

Like many chains, Five Guys has adapted its business model during the harsh climate created by covid-19. According to its website, the company is offering delivery and kerbside pick-ups in lock-down regions.

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