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Where to buy Evive smoothie cubes: Price, calories and more

Helen Williams August 20, 2021
evive smoothie cubes

Modern-day life can make it difficult to jump aboard the health bandwagon, with hectic schedules and long working weeks. Adding in the task of making nutritious smoothies can be quite a hassle.

However, many brands want to help customers achieve their health goals conveniently.

Companies such as Evive Nutrition’s smoothie cubes could be a way of incorporating more fruit and vegetables into a diet, so let’s take a look at what the smoothie cubes actually are, how many calories they contain, how much they cost and where exactly you can buy them.

What are smoothie cubes?

Smoothie cubes are a great idea for anyone who loves to prep ahead of time.

Rather than buying fresh fruit and vegetables to blend into smoothies, the smoothie cubes are made in advance so you can store them in the freezer for when you need them.

Smoothie cubes cut out the negatives of wasting gone-off fruit you forgot to blend, and also keep for a really long time in the freezer.

Plus, some brands of smoothie cubes don’t even require a blender, so more people can get in on the smoothie action easily.

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Where to buy Evive smoothie cubes

Anyone who has heard of Evive’s smoothie cubes may have first seen the brand on Dragons’ Den USA in 2019. The company was successful in securing investment from the Dragons.

Follow Evive Nutrition on Instagram @evivenutrition to stay up to date with the company’s latest products.

By using the Evive Nutrition website, customers can enter their postcode to find out if there are stockists of smoothie cubes near them. It appears Evive products are available in-store in locations across Canada and the US. Stores that offer their products include Whole Foods, Urban Fare, Thrifty Foods and more.

You can also purchase smoothie cubes online via the Evive Nutrition website. However, it looks as though the company only ships to Canada and the US at time of writing.

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Evive smoothie cubes: Prices

Narcity describes Evive smoothie cubes as “budget-friendly”. The smoothie wheels come in at $3.63 per pack if you sign up for a subscription. Alternatively, a bag of three packs in-store costs $10.99.

The nutritional information of the frozen smoothie wheels is available to view on the Evive website. The calorie content of the smoothies looks pretty low for some of the drinks, but others would likely make a hearty breakfast.

The Passion Mango smoothie cube comes in at 200 calories. The Cashew Mocha contains the same amount of calories. The Pure smoothie comes in at 140 calories, while the Azteque only has 120.

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