Dunkin' brings back heart-shaped donuts for Valentine's 2022

Amber Peake February 11, 2022
Dunkin' brings back heart-shaped donuts for Valentine's 2022
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As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, fans will be pleased to hear Dunkin’s heart-shaped donuts are back for 2022.

The brand announced the classic V-Day heart-shaped treats would be back on the menu earlier this month, which included the return of some fan favourite flavors.

We explore Dunkin’s Valentine’s menu and festive treats available ahead of the day of love.

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Dunkin’ brings back a range of heart-shaped donuts for Valentine’s 2022

Fans will be pleased to hear Dunkin’s heart-shaped donuts are back in store for the holiday of love. The Valentine’s Day-themed additions to the Dunkin’ menu include fan favourites Brownie Batter Donut and Cupid’s Choice Donut.

As the name suggests, the Brownie Batter Donut is a chocolaty frosted treat filled with brownie batter flavored buttercreme.

The Cupid’s Choice Donut is frosted with strawberry-flavoured icing and filled with Bavarian Kreme. Both donuts are topped with a Valentine’s Day blend of sprinkles, including pink, red and white flakes.

As well as the new Valentine’s Day additions, the classic Boston Crème and jelly-filled donuts have also taken on a heart shape:

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Fans are excited to see them back on the menu

Dunkin’s heart-shaped donuts have become a familiar festive treat at the donut company, with fans excited to see them back on the shelves this year:

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Dunkin’s Valentine’s Day 2022 menu explored

As well as the return of heart-shaped donuts, there are also a few new drink options to enjoy this Valentine’s.

The two new festive additions include the Cocoa Mocha Iced Signature Latte and Pink Strawberry Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher:

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