Dunkin' Donuts Halloween donuts 2021: What's on the menu?

Yasmine Leung October 7, 2021
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Although Dunkin’ Donuts hasn’t officially announced the arrival of their Halloween 2021 donut flavours, customers have shared what’s on the menu for this festive season on social media.

Companies capitalise on Halloween

Chances are if you’re reading this article, you’re an avid fan of all things Halloween.

Starbucks, Kylie Cosmetics and Vans are just some of the brands releasing their own spooky collection to honour, or capitalise, on the festivities – from limited edition cups to horror film-inspired designs, Halloween-lovers are going to be broke before the big day actually arrives.

Dunkin’ Donuts are also guilty with their version of Starbucks’ glow in the dark cold cup, with one that reads “Hocus Pocus I Need My Dunkin’ To Focus”.

The coffee chain has also expanded into introducing new eerie donut designs that look mouth-watering.

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Photo By Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

What’s on the menu for Dunkin’ Donuts Halloween 2021?

The coffee chain has yet to officially announce the arrival of their special editions, but one look on social media and you’ll see the vast options customers have shared.

As early as 30 September, ten new designs have been available and since not many people knew about them, they were probably at select locations. It’s likely that as 31 October approaches, the creepy designs will start to roll out at more.

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Only the Spider Donut and Halloween Sprinkle Takeover Donut is rumoured to arrive, after workers shared upcoming releases on Reddit.

The spider donut was first introduced in 2020 and it will be a munchkin with brown icing.

For the latter, the Halloween Sprinkle Takeover will be a regular donut with Halloween-coloured sprinkles.

They will allegedly be available from 13 October 2021 – 2 November 2021.

Become a donut this year

A donut fan and not sure what to dress up for Halloween? Become your favourite dessert!

The chain collaborated with Spirit Halloween to create their 2021 costume collection where you can become a donut or a hot or cold drink.

It’s both hilarious and loud, but it actually sold out last year, which is why they’ve returned.

They can be purchased online or in Spirit Halloween stores, costing $39.99 each.

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