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Do the new Starbucks Paradise and Pineapple Refreshers have caffeine?

Alexandra Ciufudean June 22, 2022
do starbucks refreshers have caffeine


Tuesday, 21 June, Starbucks added new Refreshers drinks to the menu to kick off the summer season. Based around the juicy, tropical flavours of pineapple, passionfruit and coconut milk, they join the bright range of Refreshers along with a few other seasonal offerings.

Customers can also choose from a new selection of colourful summer cups, out at the same time.

Since Starbucks’ Refreshers don’t look like your usual coffee drinks – and the new Pineapple Passionfruit and Paradise Drink are no exception – do they contain any caffeine? What is in them and how many calories do they have?

Let’s take a look.

Image via Starbucks. Editorial use permitted.

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Starbucks launches new drinks for summer 2022

Just out on Tuesday, Starbucks’s new Refreshers drinks are inspired by fruity, tropical aromas such as pineapple, passionfruit and coconut milk. Both new additions riff off the same theme, and come with shaved ice and real diced pineapple pieces.

The Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher is made with ice, the drink’s signature base, which contains sugar and white grape juice concentrate, natural flavours, green coffee extract, some colouring and freeze-dried pineapple.

The Paradise Drink brands itself as a summery non-dairy option and is made by adding coconut milk to the Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher for extra creaminess and some Piña Colada vibes (hold the booze).

Both drinks can also be made with a lemonade base instead, for an extra pop of citrus and sweetness.

Image via Starbucks. Editorial use permitted.

Do the Starbucks Refreshers Pineapple and Paradise drinks have any caffeine?

According to Starbucks’s nutritional information sheet, every one of their Refreshers drinks contains 45mg of caffeine in the Grande, 16 fl oz size, and the new additions – Pineapple Passionfruit and Paradise Drink are no exception.

That’s about the same as half a cup of brewed coffee or a cup of black tea. For comparison, Starbucks’ Cold Brew Coffee has 205mg of caffeine for a Grande.

However, the ingredients for the Pineapple and Paradise drinks only lists green coffee extract as a flavouring agent and the nutrition notes state numbers are all calculated based on their standard recipes, not taking into account customisations.

Based on this, it’s possible the new Pineapple and Paradise Refreshers might have slightly less than 45mg of caffeine, but it’s such a small quantity to begin with, most doctors agree even a pregnant person could drink it.

How many calories in the new 2022 Refreshers drinks?

Starbucks’ new summer drinks don’t carry the same calorie punch as their winter counterparts, so they won’t ruin your diet (if you’re on one).

The new Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher clocks in at 100 calories and 19g of sugar for a Grande, and 140 calories with 30g of sugar if you order the Lemonade base. That’s almost on par with the amount of sugar in a 12oz can of Coca-Cola.

As the Paradise Drink riffs off the same recipe as the Pineapple drink, it comes in at 140 calories and 23g of sugar for a Grande, thanks to the addition of the coconut milk.

Both drinks come with 0g of fat but really it’s the high sugar content you should watch out for. Considering these drinks as a treat rather than an everyday staple is the way to go.

Starbucks’ 2022 Refreshers are getting a lukewarm reception

The new summer 2022 offerings haven’t exactly made a splash so far. It seems as though customers are dipping their toes, testing the water, and sharing their impressions on Twitter.

And? How was it??

The tension is unbearable with this one.

Why the lack of enthusiasm?

What a hot take.

If anything, this has been a lukewarm reception for what was supposed to be the season’s coolest menu yet. (Had enough summer puns yet? Please send help.)

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