Dinosaur gingerbread house trend takes baking from drab to fab for Christmas 2022

Caitlyn Hart December 9, 2022
Dinosaur gingerbread house trend takes baking from drab to fab for Christmas 2022
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As Christmas approaches people have started to get into the spirit by making gingerbread houses. This year there is a new must-know trend and that’s the dinosaur gingerbread house.

It’s that time of year again when we put our kitchen aprons on and bravely head into the kitchen to do some Christmas baking. The first item on our list is usually always a gingerbread house, it’s a Christmas classic and for many a tradition.

But what happens if you stink at baking or you mess up the icing that holds your house together? Usually, that spells disaster, but this year you don’t need to worry Christmas isn’t ruined.

If you want to know how to take your holiday season from drab to fab with the new dinosaur gingerbread house trend, then keep reading.

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Dinosaur gingerbread house trend takes social media by storm

Have you ever made a disaster of your gingerbread house? Maybe the gingerbread was too crumbly or maybe the icing you used to build your house was too runny or you didn’t let the gingerbread cool and your icing melted and your house collapsed.

Whatever it was I’m sure we’ve all had a disaster with our gingerbread houses. But no more! There is a way to save your Christmas this year with the dinosaur gingerbread house trend, which is taking social media by storm.

Some savy people have been sharing how they’ve saved their gingerbread house fails on social media and people are loving it. Instead of throwing out a doomed gingerbread house people have been adding a dinosaur to their houses, making it look like the dinosaur wrecked the house.

The trend has gone viral and for good reason and people are now making the dinosaur part of their gingerbread house design rather than just to save a doomed gingerbread house.

How to make your own dinosaur gingerbread house

If you have seen the trend then you probably want to give the dinosaur gingerbread house a go but have no clue how to get started. Well, not to worry we have you covered.

Are you a dab hand at baking? Then why not try baking your gingerbread from scratch, here are some useful recipes to follow.

However, if you don’t fancy yourself a baker then don’t worry because why not buy a pre-made gingerbread kit? You can find them in most stores such as Walmart or Target, you can also purchase them online with Amazon.

In order to make a dinosaur gingerbread house people have been leaving the roof off or not completing it. The trick to the perfect dinosaur gingerbread house is for it not to look perfect. Then for the final touch, you add a plastic dinosaur toy, because it wouldn’t be a dinosaur gingerbread house without one. You can pick up a dinosaur in any local store or online, or maybe you can rummage around your kid’s toy box.

Can you buy a dinosaur gingerbread house in stores?

Unfortunately, the trend is so new that you can’t buy a dinosaur gingerbread house in stores. However, you can buy gingerbread house kits to make your own.

The kits usually include gingerbread house components, icing, sweets for decoration, and assembly instructions.

Due to how popular the trend is on social media, let’s hope we see dinosaur gingerbread house kits in-store in time for next Christmas.

Best examples of people turning disaster into a success

People have been taking to Twitter and Pinterest to show how they averted disaster by turning their failed gingerbread house into a dinosaur gingerbread house.

However, the trend is so popular people have started to make dinosaur gingerbread houses deliberately not just to fix a disaster in the kitchen.

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