Costco's 2021 Dog Advent Calendar is here: Look inside

Darcy Rafter October 7, 2021
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Costco’s 2021 Dog Advent Calendar’s are here and pooch owners are curious to have a look inside before purchasing a calendar for their pup.

After Halloween the next thing to start planning is Christmas and you know what that means…Advent calendars.

Whether you’re going to buy a chocolate, booze or makeup calendar this year, don’t forget about your pet dog!

As you open a ‘window’ every day until Christmas so does your dog. The prize awaiting both of you will be very fun; especially if you get your pup the Costco calendar.

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Costco 2021 Dog Advent Calendar

The advent calendar is available in Costco stores now and the item is called the Delca Advent Calendar for Dogs.

The price of the advent calendar is $37.99 and to get the Delca one the item code is 1561366. Many Costco buyers got the same one last year which was a similar price.

However other dog owners opted for a Sam’s Club dogs calendar which contained 35 All-Natural Treats and is a cheaper choice at $9.99.

There are 24 days on the calendar, not like some advent’s which only start from 12 days or make you miss a day. With some door opening’s being bigger than others, this massive calendar has a lot in store for your dog.

Look inside the Dog Advent Calendar

The front packaging of the Advent Calendar for Dogs shows the box to include 8 toys and 16 bags of treats. The back of the Advent Calendar shows the variety of toy and treat options for your pup.

Inside the calendar, there are a bunch of prizes including a cotton rope, a TPR ball, two vinyl balls a tennis ball and some treats.

The calendar is made in the USA and has outstanding packaging which looks like a gingerbread man house.

The treats names are:

  • Beef Jerky
  • Merry Munchie Mix
  • Lumps of Coal
  • Turkey Jerky
  • Gingerbread Person
  • Jingle Bars

Fans react to 2021 Dog Advent Calendar

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