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What is the Bud Light drink pouch? Twitter goes wild for Capri Sun-inspired design

Eve Edwards June 17, 2021
What is the Bud Light drink pouch? Twitter goes wild for Capri Sun-inspired design
Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images


Food and drinks companies are always looking for innovative ways to switch up their brand.

We’ve seen it happen this summer, as alcoholic drinks brands look to introduce new specials to their roster. Coors Light introduced its new Orange Cream Pop seltzer while Bud Light turned back time with its hippy-themed Retro Summer seltzer.

Now, thanks to a viral image on the internet, Bug Light lovers are curious as to whether the drinks brand has released ‘Capri Sun-style’ drink pouches. Let’s take a look.

What is the Bud Light drink pouch?

The image shows a drink pouch – which typically holds juices and is notably used by Capri Sun – with the Bud Light logo plastered all over it.

The drink pouch is made of a soft plastic material, which you can pierce with a plastic straw.

As they’re perfect for when you’re on the go, a Bud Light drink pouch seems an ideal creation for the summer months. Whatever the occasion may be – picnic, park hangout, garden party – these easy-to-carry drinks are much more portable than glass bottles or tin cans.

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Can you buy the Bud Light drink pouch? Is it real?

No. Unfortunately for those who got their hopes up, the viral image of the Bud Light drink pouch was fake.

It appears the person who created the image used a Capri Sun juice pouch, then stuck the Bud Light labels on it to make it look genuine. The ‘Bud Light’ sticker holding the straw to the pouch seems to have been taken from the neck of a glass Bud Light bottle.

That hasn’t stopped fans of the Bud Light x Capri Sun hybrid hoping it might some day be a reality. One fan tweeted to the company: “Please @budlight … make these!!”

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It seems many Twitter users didn’t notice the Bud Light drink pouch was a fake at first. But that didn’t stop them from finding hilarity in the concept.

One Twitter user joked: “Please never let me reach a point in my life in which I would drink bud light from a pouch with a straw!”

Others, on the other hand, were keen for the idea to become a reality: “This is really a thing?! I need to find it!”

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