Where to buy Blake Lively's new line of non-alcoholic mixers 'Betty Buzz'

Cara Houlton November 10, 2021
Where to buy Blake Lively’s new line of non-alcoholic mixers ‘Betty Buzz’

American actress Blake Lively has recently ventured into the world of beverages, announcing the launch of her sparkling non-alcoholic mixers, ‘Betty Buzz’.

Betty Buzz has released a range of flavors since the company made its debut on 23 September 2021 which can be drunk alone or accompanied by your alcoholic beverage of choice.

We’ve looked into the flavors, price, where to buy them and the story behind the brand.

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Betty Buzz flavors

The drinks are currently available in five flavors including ginger beer, meyer lemon club soda, sparkling grapefruit, sparkling lemon lime and tonic water.

Although the mixers can be drunk alone, the Betty Buzz website features recipes to add the mixers to classic cocktails from an orange mojito to a cranberry mule.

Where to buy Betty Buzz mixers and their price

Betty Buzz currently only ships to the US and Canada and orders can be made through their official website.

Each bottle of mixer is 9 oz. and makes two cocktails. The bottles are being sold in packs of 12 priced at $29.99 and for the US buyers shipping is free.

Variety packs are also available for the same price and number of bottles but offer three flavors boxed in quantities of four.

Why did Blake Lively create Betty Buzz?

The Betty Buzz non-alcoholic mixers were designed for those who want to use the sparkling drinks as a pairing to alcohol or for those, like Blake Lively who don’t drink alcohol, to enjoy them as they come.

The company which has been in the making for the last three years is named after a few of Lively’s family members. Her father’s mother and sister were both named Betty and she wanted to pay tribute to him. Lively’s daughter has also taken the name Betty, another reason to use it within the brand’s title.

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