Chef and Le Gavroche restauranteur Albert Roux, passed away on Monday, 4 January. Since the news broke, condolences have been pouring in for Albert Roux’s wife, family and close ones.

Let’s learn more about Roux’s wife, and career and celebrate his life and work.

Albert Roux dies, aged 85

Albert Roux was born on 8 October 1935, in the central-eastern region of France. In 1967, Albert and his brother, Michel, opened Le Gavroche in London, the restaurant credited with starting the UK capital’s culinary revolution.

According to the BBC, Le Gavroche was the first restaurant in Britain to earn 3 Michelin stars.

Albert’s brother, Michel, who was six years his senior, died in early March 2020 after a long history with lung disease.

Le Gavroche is now managed by Albert’s son, Michel Roux Jr, who took over the kitchen in 1991. Under his conduit, the restaurant has been consistently placed in culinary Top 50s. It’s safe to say that, despite the tragic passing of both founding brothers, Le Gavroche is in good hands.

Who was Albert Roux’s wife?

Chef Albert Roux was married three times.

His first wife was and named Monique and the couple had two children together: Michel Roux Jr and daughter Danielle. However, the marriage didn’t last and Albert and Monique divorced in 2001.

Albert Roux married his second wife, Cheryl Smith, in 2006 after apparently meeting her at an International Wine and Food Society dinner. Smith is originally from Zimbabwe and 27 years Albert’s junior.

The couple filed for divorce 10 years later, in 2016, amid affair rumours. According to The Mail Online, when Roux first met Cheryl, she says he “had seven girlfriends, two of whom believed they were living with him. I told him I would not be part of his harem.” Eventually, after a long courtship, Smith relented and she and Albert began a relationship.

Two years after his divorce from Cheryl, in 2018, Albert Roux married his third wife, Maria. Not much is known about her, except for the fact that the couple seemed very happy together. A source close to Albert told The Daily Mail in 2019 that Maria had “clearly given him a whole new lease of life.” 

Tributes paid to the late restauranteur

Albert Roux’s passing has left foodies and fans in mourning, including fellow celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsey and James Martin.

Fans have flocked to social media to post tributes:

According to The Independent, Albert’s son, Michel Roux Jr and Michel Sr.’s son, Alain Roux, have shared a tribute to Albert: “We are deeply saddened to have lost our founder and patron Albert Roux. His legacy will live on in the thousands of chefs he inspired and trained.”

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