Yesterday, 20 January, as former President Trump prepared to depart from base Andrews on Air force one, a row of US flags can be seen behind him during his farewell speech. So, what do the 17 flags behind the president mean? Let’s find out!

What do the 17 flags behind the president mean?

People watching the former President Trump’s farewell speech may have noticed behind him a row of 17 US flags with gold fringes.

The gold fringes are representative of all regiments of the military and considered to signify honourable enrichment. The flags can be seen in this video in which Trump says the final farewell of his presidency and thanks his supporters:

Why is the number 17 important?

Some Twitter users seemed fascinated with the 17 flags behind former President Trump during his farewell speech and began speculating about their meaning.

The number 17 seemed to be a running theme during Inauguration Day. Within mere hours of being sworn in, President Biden had signed exactly 17 executive orders, undoing a number of changes made during the Trump administration.

However, the number 17 doesn’t seem to carry any particular meaning or special link to the flags that appeared during the former president’s speech.

Twitter users curious the possible meanings

Some Twitter users have expressed curiosity about the possible meaning of the flags:

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