“Krowemoh” meaning explained: a social media rumour claims that “krowemoh”, which is “homework” spelled backwards, has a secret meaning in Latin. What is it and is there any truth to this rumour? Let’s find out.

‘Krowemoh’ meaning explained

A palindrome is a word spelled the same way backwards as it is forwards, but what about when a word spelled backwards is not only different but also has a whole new – secret – meaning? This appears to be the case with the secret meaning of “krowemoh”.

A rumour being spread around social media claims that this word – “homework” spelled backwards – translated from English to Latin means “child abuse”.

We’re here to debunk this rumour. Although “krowemoh” was recently added to Urban Dictionary and various definition sites in an effort to substantiate claims of its meaning and origin, it doesn’t mean “child abuse” in Latin.

The phrase “child abuse” in Latin is “puer abusus”.

According to rumour and urban myth-debunking site Snopes, “the claim is false. The word “krowemoh” does not exist in the Latin language. In fact, not even the character “W” existed in Latin, whose alphabet contained 23 characters.”

Why is ‘krowemoh’ trending today?

A Reddit thread brought the idea of krowemoh’s meaning to the table in January 2021, when a user posted a screenshot of the result when they googled “what is homework backwards”. However, as you can see in the image below the result is from March 2013 and its meaning has since been debunked.

Twitter reacts to ‘homework’ spelled backwards

Of course, things tend to snowball once social media gets involved. So, even though the definition is inaccurate, it still seems to be used in the Reddit-sanctioned context of “krowemoh” meaning “child abuse” in Latin.

The word is nowhere close to a palindrome. For examples of some words that do mean something different when spelled backwards, check out this list from Buzzfeed.

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