Did Joe Biden tweet about Coca-Cola's diversity training video?

Bruno Cooke February 24, 2021
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Did Joe Biden tweet about the Coca-Cola controversy? Soda giant Coca-Cola has received criticism for its alleged diversity training video, apparently urging its workers to be “less white” – following YouTuber Karlyn Borysenko’s revelations.

Coca-Cola ‘less white’ diversity training: What’s true and what’s not?

Coca-Cola is facing a backlash over its alleged connection to a divisive diversity training seminar. As a result of the ruckus, the digital seminar is no longer available to access on LinkedIn.

However, there is no evidence that the course was actually a mandatory part of the curriculum for the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion training.

Instead, it appears to be an independent course. The face of the training, titled Confront Racism, is White Fragility author and scholar Robin DiAngelo. However, she didn’t make the course herself.

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Rather, educational video platform Big Think created the course using footage lifted from a previous interview with DiAngelo. As a scholar and researcher, DiAngelo has published numerous academic papers on race, privilege, and education.

Yahoo! News reported that Coca-Cola had denied any connection to the course. So far, Snopes has not been able to corroborate the denial.

Did Joe Biden tweet about Coca-Cola?

Some online commentators have taken this opportunity to weaponise the training materials in their criticism of President Joe Biden, as if the Biden administration has a connection to the training materials (which themselves may not have anything to do with Coca-Cola).

Another Twitter user, meanwhile, fabricated a tweet alleging that Joe Biden had vocalised his support of Coca-Cola’s decision to “educate their staff in cultural reappropriation”.

However, it didn’t take long for the allegation to fall apart.

Aside from the fact that the connection to Coca-Cola is a tenuous one, the leaked video has fed into a sentiment among some Joe Biden antagonisers that the new administration is destructively “woke”.