Auguste Delagrange died in 1921, supposedly of a stake through the heart. An alleged vampire, he often appears in lists of scary individuals. Is the Auguste Delagrange story true or fake?

Who was Auguste Delagrange?

As the story goes, Auguste Delagrange was a vampire, and serial killer, responsible for the disappearances of several people – as many as 40, according to one account – in the state of Louisiana. 

He was “active” in the early 1900s, during “a period of vampirism in the USA”.

According to a post on question-and-answer website Quora, “The victims were all found dismembered in their own home.” 

But most bizarrely, “there was little to no blood present.”

Eventually, Delagrange met a grisly end. Father Henry Jante, a Roman Catholic priest, and Moses Amashan, a Voodoo practitioner, tracked him down and allegedly drove a stake through his heart.

Now, Delagrange’s skeleton is on display at The Vampire Museum, in New Orleans.

Delagrange’s “heart” up for auction

In 2010, a curious item went up for sale on the internet auctioneering platform eBay. The sellers claimed to have the “heart of the Vampire Auguste Delagrange”.

“The plaque on top of the box notes the day Delagrange was destroyed and appears to be hand lettered, consistent with the time period.”

Photo: Vampire Museum New Orleans via Blogspot

The item’s description included basic details of Delagrange’s alleged activities, and a brief account of his death at the hands of the priest and voodoo Houngan – the name given to a male priest in Haitian Vodou.

It continued: “The pair began systematically destroying nests and minions, forcing Delagrange to take refuge in an abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of a small town in Louisiana.

“It was there that a stake was driven through his heart and his body destroyed, consigning his soul to it’s (sic) inevitable end. All that remains is the … vampire’s dessicated (sic) heart.”

Ultimately, the item sold for over $250.

Real or fake?

Of course, there are those who question the veracity of August Delagrange’s story. 

For example, commenters on Facebook have said, “I hate this obviously fake history”. Another wrote, “This whole story is so ridiculous I’m amazed anybody believes it.”

Auguste Delagrange (d. 1912) was a supposed vampire and serial killer who was responsible for the disappearances of…

Posted by Wolf Cartoon Creator on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What makes them doubt it? Well, an Oddity Central article describes the alleged vampire’s heart as an “extremely detailed prop” made using traditional techniques.

It continues: “although it is made out of dried beef jerky covered in a coat of wax, it certainly does look very realistic (probably feels that way, too) with all the stubs of the major vessels and the hole supposedly made by the stake”.

Moreover, the image that appears alongside the picture of the “heart” bears a convincing resemblance to that of Léon Delagrange, a French aviator.

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