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YouTuber Jaiden Animations is aroace: What 'not straight' sexuality means

Shania Wilson March 21, 2022
Credit: Jaiden Animations YouTube.

If you subscribe to YouTuber Jaiden Animations, you’ll know she made a pretty big announcement in a recent video regarding her sexuality.

The content creator, known for animation story-time videos, uploaded a video entitled Being Not Straight, revealing she identifies as ‘aroace’.

The video has racked up more than two million views, prompting praise from thousands of her subscribers – but what does the term ‘aroace’ actually mean?

We break down Jaiden Animation’s latest video and the meaning of aroace.

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Credit: Jaiden Animations YouTube.

Aroace meaning explained

YouTuber Jaiden Animation recently came out as ‘aroace’ in a new video but, before we dive into her latest upload, let’s find out what the term means.

Aroace is another word for being ‘aromantic-asexual’. In short, the term is used to describe someone who doesn’t experience sexual or romantic attraction.

Jaiden Animation took to YouTube to discuss the aroace spectrum, explaining: “Yes, there is a difference between romantic and intimate attraction. Little side note, I will say you can experience romantic attraction to someone but no intimate attraction. Or you could experience intimate attraction but no romantic attraction. 

“You could be one and not the other, it’s not necessarily a package deal. Most people feel both, and I don’t feel either.”

Healthline reports other identities under the asexual or aromantic umbrella include being ‘aceflux’ or ‘aroflux’, meaning your capacity for sexual or romantic attraction changes over time.

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Jaiden Animations details experience of being ‘not straight’

In a new upload entitled Being Not Straight, story-time YouTuber Jaiden Animations opened up about her experience with sexuality when growing up.

The content creator, who boasts more than ten million subscribers, revealed she was never able to develop a crush in her pre-teen and young adult life, sharing: “I decided I needed to have a crush because that’s what happens to people and I very robotically chose this random kid in the class whom we can call Pikachu.

“He didn’t mean anything to me and I didn’t do anything about this crush, like I didn’t tell anyone or anything. It was just a headcanon thing for me to feel up to speed and like I was hitting my normal human emotions quota.”

Jaiden Animations also spoke candidly about not knowing what it was to be aroace, initially believing she might be bisexual or pansexual.

She said: “It has been a very long journey discovering this about myself. I even used to think I was bi or pan for the longest time. I would think to myself, ‘bi is being interested in both genders, I don’t really care for either but zero is equal to zero, so I guess I’m bi or pan’.

“If I knew what aromantacism was growing up, things would have been a lot less complicated for me.”

Towards the end of the video, Jaiden Animations explains she can still love, adding: “I can still love people, I love my family and my pets… just platonically. I just don’t experience romantic love.”

YouTuber wants more aroace representation

Concluding her latest upload, Jaiden Animations explained she doesn’t plan to talk about her sexuality for a while – if ever – but wanted to bring the “orientations to the surface” to try to get more representation.

“I was confused as hell for a while, and could have used something like this (representation),” the YouTuber said.

Since posting, thousands of subscribers have praised Jaiden Animations for shining a spotlight on aroace.

“Jaiden, this is such a fantastic (and) important video! While it doesn’t affect me directly, I found it very entertaining and informative. I truly believe this is gonna help out a lot of people who may feel isolated and alone,” one fan commented.

“This video is definitely going to help a lot of people out there,” another wrote.

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