How to get a Whoville Christmas tree: Home Depot, DIY & more

Darcy Rafter November 19, 2021
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Christmas in everyone’s homes has to serve some sort of tribute to the Who’s in Whoville. So for all you Dr Seuss fans out there, here’s how to decorate for Christmas just like the Who’s.

The Grinch is a character who grows increasingly annoyed with the festive cheer in Whoville. Although we promise that the Whoville Christmas tree will bring you joy.

Many are looking for The Grinch inspired Christmas trees at Home Depot this year, let’s see what choices you have and how to DIY some.

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Where to get the Whoville Christmas tree

The Whoville Christmas tree is available to buy from Aldi and Trader Joe’s from December. The grinch decorations are also available from Home Depot.

These potted trees were very popular at Trader Joe’s and Aldi last year in the U.S. Therefore it is presumed they will return this year, 2021.

They will most likely be available towards the end of the first week of December when stores are doing switchovers and bringing out Christmas stock.

As many people usually throw out their Christmas tree when the holiday season is over, these Cypress trees can actually be kept around for much longer.

All you have to do is remove the baubles and the mini Lemon Cypress Tree could grow to a height of about 3 feet. The Grinch tree can even be planted outside if you live in a warm climate.

To look after the tree correctly you want to place it nearby a window where they will have direct sunlight for 6-8 hours per day and be watered once a week.

Home Depot, DIY & more

On the other hand, you can DIY your own Grinch Christmas.

Firstly do this by moulding a piece of wire to the shape you want your Whoville tree to look like. If you want a lifesize Grinch tree then you can add this wire to the top of a normal Christmas tree. The wire should have a bend to it where it curls round at the top and hangs down for the full Whoville effect.

Next, you need to wrap the wire in leaves from the tree to cover it up and make sure it blends into the lifesize Christmas tree.

Now add your baubles and Christmas lights, preferably green and red to match the Who’s and you’re good to go!

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