Who is Paul Saladino, the ‘real Liver King’ according to Joe Rogan?

Danny Munro December 6, 2022
Who is Paul Saladino, the ‘real Liver King’ according to Joe Rogan?

Instagram and YouTube dietician Paul Saladino from Carnivore MD has weighed in on the recent Liver King drama as Joe Rogan hails the self-proclaimed carnivore as “the real Liver King’.

In what has been a turbulent few weeks for the online wellness and fitness community, outspoken podcasting kingpin Joe Rogan has praised Paul Saladino for his commitment to the promotion of carnivore diets.

The praise follows reports that claimed the Liver King, a huge online presence that promoted a similar lifestyle to that of Saladino’s, had been using steroids.

Who is Paul Saladino, aka Carnivore MD?

Saladino has found a great deal of success in the online dieting community, where he regularly posts video guides on what he believes his followers should be doing, or avoiding, in order to achieve a good physique and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Saladino claims to be a certified doctor and as such he offers advice, free of charge, that often challenges previously held societal beliefs about food, often vegetables, that most people believe to be nutritional.

The main aim of Saladino’s content is to promote an ‘Animal-Based Diet’, with the health influencer claiming to survive purely on meat, organs, fruit, honey and raw dairy.

Saladino has managed to amass over one million combined Instagram and TikTok followers and his YouTube channel, Carnivore MD, boasts over 350,000 subscribers.

The official Carnivore MD website offers various resources attesting to Saladino’s meat-based claims, and fans can even pick up exclusive Carnivore merchandise.

Joe Rogan names Paul Saladino MD the real Liver King

In a sit-down talk with Derek, aka More Plates More Dates (the man who was reportedly responsible for the Liver King leaks), Rogan praised Saladino for his work.

“The real Liver King is Paul Saladino. He’s really eating that”, Rogan told Derek, “he’s super healthy, all he eats is organic fruits and meat and organ meat. That’s it.”

The pair proceeded to speculate on pictures of Saladino’s body, of which Rogan described his physique as “100% natural and achievable”.

Saladino and Rogan previously spoke to one another on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2020, where they discussed theories of the benefits, or lack of, plant-based diets, among other food-related matters at length.

Paul Saladino weighs in on Liver King Drama

Taking to the Carnivore MD Instagram, Saladino shared his thoughts on the Liver King steroid drama.

In a rather stripped-back speech to the camera, Saladino addressed his followers and wrote beneath the clip that he was “deeply disappointed” as “integrity is everything”.

Saladino went on to add: “I continue to believe deeply in the power of dietary choices like an animal based diet to create health in humans, and I believe this message is far too important to be sullied in any way by untruthfulness or lack of integrity on Brian’s (the Liver King’s) part”.

The Liver King responded to GRV Media and The Focus last week when asked for comment, you can read his response here.

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