Who is Kristie Colón? Meet the ex-wife of Gravity CEO Dan Price amid resignation

Bruno Cooke August 19, 2022
Who is Kristie Colón? Meet the ex-wife of Gravity CEO Dan Price amid resignation


Dan Price resigned as chief executive for credit card processing company Gravity Payments on Wednesday (August 17, 2022), The News Tribune reported Friday, casting a degree of media spotlight onto his ex-wife Kristie Colón.

Kristie delivered a TEDx talk at Kentucky University in October 2015, during which she talks about a previous relationship. She doesn’t mention any names in the talk, according to various reports – more below.

But the university subsequently decided not to publish the talk online. For more on why it chose to “exercise its discretion not to post the video,” read Entrepreneur’s article on it here.

Colón and Price were husband and wife for seven years – here’s what we know about their relationship, and about Kristie’s professional life in general, in the wake of Dan’s resignation.

Kristie Colón | I believe in Stories, Cities, & Whiskey, Neat: Inclusive Look at Personal Branding | YouTube channel UK Women’s Forum

What does Kristie Colón do for a living?

Currently, as of October 2021, Kristie is an account director at higher education marketing and advertising agency Simpson Scarborough. 

Before that, for four and a half years, she was a director of communications at the University of Kentucky’s College of Pharmacy. 

That overlapped slightly with a marketing director position at Skincential Sciences, Inc, which she assumed in November 2014 and left in December 2018.

Previous roles include digital marketing coordinator, massage therapist, web content writer, and events associate. The skills for which she has the most LinkedIn endorsements include social media marketing and event planning.

Where did she go to university, and when?

Kristie went to Seattle Pacific University from 2004 to 2006. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in English and creative writing there while in receipt of a provost’s scholarship.

Like most US students, she started her university course at age 18 (in 2004), so Kristie is likely to be in her mid to late 30s (in 2022) – 36 or 37.

Her marriage to Dan Price lasted seven years until 2012, meaning they became husband and wife in 2005. Three years after their separation, she gave a TEDx talk at the University of Kentucky that never saw the light of day.

The blurb for her talk “has since been deleted from the lineup” on the TED website, according to an article published by Entrepreneur in December 2015. It apparently said that Kristie was “married at 20, divorced at 27.” She did not mention Price by name during the talk, but a report in Bloomberg BusinessWeek reportedly clarified that she has only been married once.

Price later told Bloomberg that the incidents “never happened,” the New York Post reports. The Guardian also quotes him as describing allegations against him by Colón in the talk as “reckless accusations and baseless speculations that are unequivocally false.”

IRVINE, CA – JUNE 07: Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments shares a laugh with students after he distributed checks to high school graduates at Woodbridge Elementary School in Irvine on Monday, June 7, 2021. In 2015 Price visited the 6th grade class of Hilary Gray and promised to give $1000 scholarships to each student if they wrote him a letter each year until graduation. All 33 students in the class wrote Price yearly. (Photo by Leonard Ortiz/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images)

How has Kristie Colón reacted to news of her ex-husband Dan Price’s resignation?

Colón retweeted an article by The New York Times about Dan Price’s resignation and his one-time reputation as “the one moral CEO in America.”

She added the following words: “No person owes the world the story of their pain. Surviving is truly enough. I know what it costs to tell the truth over and over and over again. Thank you to those who told theirs here.”

Her post has since picked up several comments commending her “strength” and braveness. Others have expressed their wish for the aforementioned TED talk to become available to watch online.

According to a detailed report on the “deep-dive” journalism website Hundred Eighty Degrees, Kristie and Dan started dating in 2000 while in high school. This suggests they are of similar age. She filed for divorce in 2011 and finalized proceedings in early 2012. 

Marriage | Trailer – BBC

Marriage | Trailer – BBC

Colón keeps an online blog but it’s currently not ‘on full blast’

In their reports on the relationship between Colón and Dan Price, several outlets cite a blogpost from Kristie’s blog Kristie Was Here, titled Writing Through Trauma.

The Hundred Eighty Degrees report mentioned above goes as far as to say that it is “throughout Colón’s decades-old journal-cum-blog that one may best understand the personal journey she endured.”

However, her website is currently inactive, despite its landing page saying it is “coming June 2022.”

“Your strength and courage helps others,” writes one of Kristie’s followers on Twitter. The Focus has reached out to Colón for comment on her ex-husband’s resignation and calls for her TEDx talk to become publicly viewable.

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