Who is Jack Jensz Jr? Ministry leader responds to viral video backlash

Kaitlin Wraight April 19, 2022
Who is Jack Jensz Jr? Ministry leader responds to viral video backlash


A video of Christians singing a worship song on an EasyJet flight has gone viraland not everyone is pleased. As the post has become subject to public scrutiny, the person who posted it, Jack Jensz Jr, has soared into the spotlight.

Jensz Jr has been active on social media for years but his recent actions have led a lot of people who’ve seen the video being curious to know more about the man behind the camera.

Who is Jack Jensz Jr of Kingdom Realm Ministries?

Jack Jensz Jr is a Christian influencer with multiple career endeavours inspired by his faith. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, he and his wife of more than five years, Lilly, live in Philadelphia, as per his Facebook page and the couple’s shared YouTube channel. Although Lilly has Belarusian heritage, she hails from the US.

Jensz Jr founded Kingdom Realm Ministries (KRM) in 2014 and is acting president of the organisation, as per his LinkedIn.

He said of the ministry: “KRM is passionate about equipping and empowering believers to move in the reality of the kingdom. We don’t live for a ministry, we live for a legacy. Through preaching, teaching and power evangelism we hope to raise up a generation of believers who will move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and walk out the great commission by going into all the world and preach the gospel.”

Jensz Jr also hosts The Headspace podcast – “dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to master their passions, walk in success and impact the world around them” – and works for a real estate advertising agency.

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Easter worship video goes viral

Jack Jensz Jr posted a video on his TikTok and Instagram pages on 9 April 2022. While on an aircraft, Jensz Jr filmed someone leading other passengers in a Christian worship song, captioning the posts: “Worshipping our king Jesus 30,000 feet in the air” and “We are taking this flight over for Jesus!”

The man singing in the video has been identified as Jonathan Neo, who said his group received permission from the EasyJet pilot to perform.

The video went viral – but some viewers were unhappy with what they saw. The premise of the backlash is that other people on the flight might not be Christians and could have felt forced to listen to the mid-flight performance.

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Jack Jensz Jr responds to video backlash

Jensz Jr and Lilly responded to the backlash via a video posted on their Instagram accounts, captioned: “We were on a flight with our team coming back from helping the Ukrainian refugees at the Ukrainian border. Over the last month we have been giving humanitarian aid, food and praying with the beautiful people of Ukraine.

“We were filled with thanksgiving of what God did in our time there. Our heart was to bring joy and hope as there is so much pain with what’s going on in this world.”

In the caption the couple went on to state there were “many Ukrainians on this flight”, while the “pilot and all the air hosts were 100 per cent in agreement” that they could sing a song.

It continued: “If they said no, we would have honoured that. They even made an announcement to all passengers letting them know who we are and what we did in Ukraine and introduced us and allowed us to get the guitar out! People then clapped and welcomed us.”

The caption explained the group sang a song entitled How Great Is Our God for three to four minutes.

The couple concluded: “People were filming and smiling. People were truly touched by what we were singing.
Once we were done, everyone clapped and thanked us and we sat back down.”

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