Who is Cherise Trump and is she related to Donald? Advocate makes Fox debut

Bruno Cooke August 12, 2022
Who is Cherise Trump and is she related to Donald? Advocate makes Fox debut


Cherise Trump, executive director of advocacy and litigation organisation Speech First, joined Fox News Digital this week to talk about college orientation programs, and appeared on the Fox News Channel this morning. Who is she, and is she related to Donald?

National Review also mentioned Cherise on Thursday (August 11) in its report on Speech First.

Anyone with the same surname as the former president is bound to raise eyebrows as a public figure. 

And realistically, the Trump family – as in, the family of Donald Trump – is large enough to accommodate people you likely haven’t heard of. But is Cherise part of it?

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Who is Cherise Trump?

Cherise is the executive director of Speech First. It’s an organization that files litigation on behalf of students against universities that, the organization claims, “violate their free speech rights.”

She is also a podcast host. Speech First runs a podcast called Well Said, on which Cherise interviews guests on the topic of, you guessed it, free speech, as well as higher education and American culture and society.

Her guests include experts, activists, professors and students. 

Before working at Speech First, Cherise was an associate director of coalition relations at The Heritage Foundation. In the post, she focused on defence and foreign policy, as well as immigration reform. She previously worked at The Alexander Hamilton Society.

Joe Rogan’s Experience with Censorship: Featuring Curtis Houck | YouTube channel Speech First

Where did she go to university and what did she study?

Cherise earned her master’s degree in security studies from Georgetown University in Washington DC. She was a Rumsfeld Graduate Fellow.

Before that, she studied at George Mason University in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Since then, she has taken part in and completed various fellowships and programs at Hillsdale College, the Claremont Institute and the Hertog Foundation.

“Washington, D.C., USA – April 9, 2012. Healy Hall with the statue of Georgetown University founder John Carroll in front and some people walking in background. Georgetown University is a top-ranking private university in the United States. It is located in the historic district of Georgetown in Northwest Washington, D.C.”

She has written articles for the Washington Examiner, Townhall and Newsweek, and recently joined Kelsey Koberg on Fox News Digital to discuss what the network refers to as the “indoctrination” of freshman students via college orientation programs. 

What did she and Speech First say about the orientation programs and college life?

National Review writes that Cherise recently wrote a paper for the American Enterprise Institute calling for the elimination of “bias-reporting systems” from college campuses. 

Into the Deep | Official Trailer

Into the Deep | Official Trailer

“The fear of being anonymously reported to authorities and subjected to process-is-punishment investigations, diversity and anti-bias trainings, and public stigmatization is a present and powerful force on campuses nationwide,” she says.

During her conversation with Fox News Digital, she talks about the apparent dearth of universities mentioning free speech and viewpoint diversity in their orientation programs. 

According to her organization’s own research, some universities mention equality, diversity and inclusion more often than they mention free speech, which she calls a “huge lopsidedness.”

She later appeared on the Fox News Channel.

Are Cherise Trump and Donald Trump related?

No, they do not appear to be. 

CTV News has a graphic depicting the Trump family tree, which does not feature Cherise. Nor does she appear on Vox’s, or the one on Wikipedia.

Incidentally, nor is she among the American Trumps “who aren’t related to the president” that The Guardian wrote about in December 2019.

According to name and ancestry website Forebears, more than 7,000 people have the surname Trump. It’s most prevalent in the US, and has the highest density in Guernsey, a small island between France and the UK. There are about 5,000 Trumps in the US – that’s one in every 70,000 people or so; nearly 900 in Germany; and more than 500 in England.

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