Who is buried at St George's Chapel, where the Queen will be laid to rest?

Amber Peake September 19, 2022
Who is buried at St George's Chapel, where the Queen will be laid to rest?
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Today (September 19) marked the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II as her coffin embarked on its journey to its final resting place of St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Following her state funeral at Westminister Abbey this morning, the late Queen’s coffin was transported to St George’s Chapel, where her committal service was held.

The Evening Standard reports that her casket has now been placed within the St George’s Chapel’s Royal Vault ahead of her burial within King George VI memorial chapel later this evening.

The location has become the final resting place of many royals over the years, including several former monarchs. We take a look at who is buried at St George’s Chapel.

Queen Elizabeth II has sadly passed away – The Focus

Queen Elizabeth II has sadly passed away – The Focus

St George’s Chapel has tombs of past monarchs and royal family members

St George’s Chapel houses the remains of many former sovereigns and other royal family members. Their tombs are spread across the chapel in different locations, including the Royal Vault, as well as the Nave, the Quire, the King George VI Memorial chapel, and the Gloucester Vault.

There are around 45 royals currently interred throughout the Windsor Castle chapel, as per the list of burials on the St George’s Chapel’s website.

Many are within the Royal Vault, which currently has 26 royals there, including Prince Philip and now Queen Elizabeth II, before they are laid to rest together within the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

The Royal Vault includes the remains of King George III as well as many of his close relatives, including his children, wife, and sister.

Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour’s tombs are placed within the Quire, which is located within the main seating of the chapel.

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It became the preferred royal burial site in the 19th century 

While St George’s Chapel has many past royals laid to rest within its chapel, the Westminster Abbey was previously where many other monarchs were interred.

The Abbey has 30 kings and queens there, but, according to Cheat Sheet, there has not been a royal burial there since 1760.

St George’s Chapel was later chosen over Westminster Abbey as the site of royal burials within the 19th century. 

However, while the chapel has continued to be the burial place of many royals over the years, the remains of some have since been transferred to different locations. 

As per the documented list of royal burials since 1805 on the St George’s chapel website, many over the years have been transferred to the Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore

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Ten former sovereigns are also laid to rest within the Chapel

Since becoming the preferred royal burial site, a total of ten monarchs have been laid to rest within St George’s Chapel, with Queen Elizabeth II marking the eleventh. 

She will be interred alongside her father, George VI, in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which is an annex of the main chapel that also is where The Queen Mother is buried, and her sister Princess Margaret’s remains are kept.

The Chapel’s Quire is also where several past monarchs are laid to rest, with Henry VIII and Charles I in the centre while Henry VI and Edward VII are in the south Quire aisles. Edward IV is buried in the North Quire aisle.

The Nave of the Chapel is where George V’s remains are located within the North Nave aisle. Elsewhere George III, George IV, and William IV are all interred in the Royal Vault.

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