What was Ernest Hemingway's net worth at the time of his death? Truth explored

Leigh McManus April 6, 2021
What was Ernest Hemingway's net worth at the time of his death? Truth explored

What was Ernest Hemingway’s net worth at the time of his death? How did the famous writer die? Filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have brought one of the world’s best known writers back into the spotlight with Hemingway, an engrossing six-hour PBS documentary on the great wordsmith.

Who was Ernest Hemingway?

Ernest Hemingway was most well-known as an author and was born in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois in 1899.

When he died in 1961, Hemingway left behind a string of literature that influences writers to this day.

He penned classics like A Farewell To Arms, released in 1929, based on his experiences working as an ambulance driver during WW1.

Hemingway also wrote The Sun Also Rises, his debut novel, released three years previous. When he returned from the Spanish Civil War, where he worked as a journalist, he depicted his experiences in For Whom The Bell Tolls, released in 1940.

He won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1953 and followed this with a Nobel Prize in Literature the following year.

In 1961, aged 61, Hemingway died of a self-inflicted shotgun wound.

Ernest Hemingway documentary: What’s it about?

Ernest Hemingway came to embody a macho man in his life. Sometimes even a violent man. The new film, from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, seeks to look behind the facade and into the heart of Hemingway.

The six-hour PBS special, called Hemingway, started airing in the US on Monday and will run into Wednesday evening EDT/PDT.

Speaking to USA Today, Ken Burns spoke about why he and Novick chose Hemingway.

He said: “He’s just a good subject, whatever age you’re in. He’s complicated, there are contradictory aspects to (him), there’s the edifice of his image, the mythology that he helped create – and that the world helped to support – that masked deep insecurities and vulnerabilities.”

What was Ernest Hemingway’s net worth at the time of his death?

Hemingway was working right up until his death in 1961.

In the 1985 biography of Hemingway by Jeffrey Meyers, the author said that Hemingway had been commissioned by Life Magazine to write a 10,000 word piece on bullfighting in Spain around a year before his death.

The research for these pieces formed the bases of The Dangerous Summer novel. It was published in September 1960 to good reviews according to biographer James Mellow, writing in 1992.

So the great writer was by no means slowing down his output when he died.

He also owned properties, his final home, in Ketchum, Idaho and also – until July 1960 – his place in Havana, Cuba.

Hemingway also spoke of prize money for his two big literary awards in the mid 50s, according to biographer Carlos Baker.

An article in Medium states that the writer had a portfolio resembling that of an “investment banker in the Post World War II boom.”

The same article states that Hemingway owned shares in36 companies, mostly comprised of blue chip stock, and lived off it for the five years leading up to his death.

Research for the articles suggests that 55% of his annual income came from his stocks, with royalties and earnings from his writing equating to 45%, or $179,135.

His estate left a total amount of 1.4 million with $418,933 in stocks and bonds.

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