What is the meaning of MAGAGA, Trump's 'baby talk' slogan?

Amber Peake November 16, 2022
What is the meaning of MAGAGA, Trump's 'baby talk' slogan?
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Donald Trump introduced a new slogan this week as he announced he is once again running for president but what is the meaning behind MAGAGA?

This week the former president launched his third presidential campaign and for such an occasion shared a new campaign slogan, MAGAGA. 

While the acronym has since caused a buzz across social media, others are curious to know what the slogan means.

We break down the meaning behind MAGAGA and its ties to Trump’s past presidential campaign slogans.

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The Wonder | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meaning of MAGAGA explained

The former president’s new campaign slogan, MAGAGA, is an acronym that stands for Make America Great And Glorious Again.

Trump debuted the phrase on Tuesday (November 15) as he announced he was running for president again in a speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

During the moment, Trump quipped: “In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States.”

Following the speech, some users on Twitter have gone on to offer their own translations of the acronym’s meaning. 

One user joked about how the acronym could take on a different meaning when splitting it in half as MA and GAGA: 

Twitter likens MAGAGA slogan to ‘baby talk’

MAGAGA appears to have caused quite a buzz on Twitter as users on the micro-blogging platform have shared their reactions to the acronym.

While some have shared their confusion at how it is pronounced, others have compared how it sounds to be similar to “baby talk.”

One user exclaimed: “I tried to say #MAGAGA but instead reverted to making baby sounds.” 

Another added: “#MAGAGA? That’s fitting for a bunch of babies.” A third continued: “MAGAGA. It sounds like baby talk.”

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It echoes Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan 

If you hadn’t already realized, the slogan links back to the former president’s past campaign phrase, which took off back in 2016.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump used the phrase Make America Great Again (MAGA) and even used it in his first speech after becoming president.

Trump previously opened on the origin behind the slogan to The Washington Post as he claimed it came to him following the 2012 presidential election and not long after, he signed an application to have the phrase trademarked.

However, according to NBC News, Trump is not the only politician to have used the phrase, as the publication noted how 40th US president Ronald Reagan also reportedly used the phrase in one of his speeches in the 80s.

Elsewhere following Trump’s new reworked slogan, some users on social media have noted the link to the past phrase as they highlighted how they thought the repeated GA stood for Great Again: 

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