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What happened to Tucker Carlson's lip? Fox viewers notice "cold sore"

Leigh McManus May 4, 2021
What happened to Tucker Carlson's lip? Fox viewers notice "cold sore"
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

What happened to Tucker Carlson’s lip? The Fox host used his show last night to talk about president Joe Biden’s vaccine roll out, but people were more focussed on the anchor’s appearance and apparent “cold sore” or “split lip”.

What happened to Tucker Carlson’s lip?

Tucker Carlson Tonight is “the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think,” according to Fox.

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The show airs weeknights at 8 pm ET and features the titular host giving his view on all manner of things across the news spectrum.

Last night, the 51-year-old Carlson was giving his view on president Joe Biden’s efforts to tame the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

It is a hot topic being debated across the country, but people were distracted by something else: a cut in the centre of Tucker Carlson’s bottom lip. So, what happened?
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The host didn’t mention where the cut came from, but that didn’t stop people theorising as to what might have happened.

Tucker Carlson has appeared on TV on a few occasions with a marked lip, leading people to think that he struggles with cold sores.

How did Twitter react to Tucker Carlson’s lip?

Of course eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed Carlson’s split lip.

“I don’t understand how someone with such a giant cold sore can be so anti-mask. Do us all a favor and wear one!” wrote one user, referencing a recent anti-mask wearing segment on the host’s show.

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Some people even wondered if Carlson had been in a fight. “Tucker, what happened to your lip? Did you get in a fight? or just cut it shaving?” asked another user.

Another wrote: “This is driving me nutzzz! Did @TuckerCarlson split his lip? I have to rewind to the beginning because I can’t stop looking at his lip.”

It is most likely a cold sore as the host exhibited similar symptoms around a week ago and seems to do so intermittently. However, Carlson has not yet commented on the lip situation.

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