What happened to Producer Rachel from Mojo In The Morning?

Jane Corscadden January 26, 2021
What happened to Producer Rachel from Mojo In The Morning?

What happened to Producer Rachel from Mojo In The Morning? Since launching in 2000 on Channel 955 in Detroit, the talk show has been a station staple. Rachel Giordano, lovingly known as Producer Rachel, was last seen on the show during the summer of 2020.

So, what’s happened since? Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Producer Rachel Giordano?

Rachel Giordano is a former radio producer living in Michigan.

Prior to joining the team at Mojo In The Morning in 2006, she worked for talk show The View from 1998-2004. Before this, Giordano was a producer for Steve & Vicki Morning Show on Star 94 Atlanta.

Giordano graduated from New York’s Fordham University in 1998 with a degree in mass communications.

Rachel Giordano and her husband Mark (nicknamed “Capricorn” on air) have two children: 9 year old Sophia and 10 year old Nico. She also has a stepson, Mason.

What happened to producer Rachel from Mojo In The Morning?

On 12 September, Producer Rachel posted a photo of herself to her Instagram profile, thanking everyone for checking in on her following her departure from the show.

In this post, she said “all will be revealed with time.”

On September 24, she posted that she was at home “for personal reasons.”

For the past couple of months, Giordano and her family had been travelling throughout the US to get to Los Angeles.

On December 2, she posted that her and her daughter, Sophia, would be staying in LA while her husband and son fly home.

In the comment section, she expanded on why they were there: “We are here to pursue her (Sophia’s) acting and comedy dreams – the goal: get an agent before pilot season next year while auditioning for what we can now and taking acting, improv, dance, and singing classes to learn and get better.”

Rachel added she and Sophia would be staying in LA for three months.

As of this month, producer Rachel and her husband have started a podcast called Sex, Lies, And Parenthood.

In the podcast’s first episode, Giordano explains her reason for leaving Mojo In The Morning was to bring her daughter Sophia to LA.

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