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What happened to LiveLeak? Why the site shut down and rebranded as Itemfix

Amber Peake May 6, 2021
what happened to liveleak

What happened to LiveLeak? Video sharing platform LiveLeak has shut down after 15 years online and rebranded as Itemfix. Now fans of the platform are curious to learn more about Itemfix and if the new site is similar to LiveLeak.

What happened to LiveLeak?

LiveLeak was known for its short-clip style of content, which often featured fails caught on camera from around the world.

The site was first launched in 2006 by the team who also created gore site Ogris. Over the years LiveLeak became a source of viral content for casual browsing, as well as hosting more graphic videos.

However, as of 5 May 2021, LiveLeak is gone. The site has been shut down and rebranded as Itemfix after a 15 year tenure on the internet.

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LiveLeak is gone – long live Itemfix

A statement going into what happened to LiveLeak has since been published to the site as many LiveLeak fans are redirected to Itemfix.

In the statement, Hayden Hewitt, one of LiveLeak’s co-founders, explained: “We felt LiveLeak had achieved all that it could and it was time for us to try something new and exciting.”

Talking of Itemfix, he added: “I hope some of you will enjoy ItemFix and find it useful and entertaining. It’s something completely different, completely fresh, and something we feel.”

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What is Itemfix? Will the site be anything like LiveLeak?

While some may be searching for sites like LiveLeak, Itemfix is still a video sharing platform where users can upload and share content. But unlike LiveLeak, it allows users to edit items – video, image or audio files, by “fixing” existing content uploaded to the site.

In the FAQ section of the site, they explain fixing to be: “A fix can be a video, image or audio file generated out of one or more items that exist in the ItemFix system. An example of a ‘fix’ would be a video with added captions, a gif image generated out of a video item, or a meme created through one of our ‘fix templates’.”

The section also shared the creator’s hopes that Itemfix be used as a tool to create viral content that can be posted across various social media platforms.

Many Twitter users have paid tribute to the defunct viral site now that LiveLeak is gone from the internet.

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