Voters wonder what happened to Governor Baker's face: Concerns raised after recent appearance

Eve Edwards July 29, 2021
Voters wonder what happened to Governor Baker's face: Concerns raised after recent appearance
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Massachusettsans are concerned for their Governor’s health and wellbeing, after he appeared with damaged facial skin at multiple official appearances this July 2021. Charlie Baker has since confirmed what happened to his face, explaining he had had “routine dermatology procedures.”

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Charlie Baker’s skin causes alarm

Nowadays, people of all genders are primed any prepped for any public appearance, documented or not. Make-up has become a staple for public officials, who want to appear well-groomed and presentable, and also cover up any blemishes they wish to conceal.

This has not been the case with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. After appointing Jamey Tesler as Secretary of Transportation and CEO of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), Baker posed for a photo-op on 28 July 2021. In the images Baker shared of the swearing-in ceremony, he appears to have damaged skin on his face.

The very same day, Baker also made an appearance to discuss CDC’s new mask guidelines. Local Massachusetts news stations covered Baker’s speech, where he also appeared to have issues with his skin. This caused even greater alarm.

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What happened to Governor Baker’s face?

In the images of the swearing-in ceremony and later on, the press conference, MA Governor Charlie Baker appears to have red marks or lesions across his face.

This was immediately picked up on by those who saw the images of Charlie Baker. One Twitter user asked: “Is Charlie Baker ok? Noticed he had lesions or was broken out on his face.”

The governor’s office has since provided some information about what has happened to his skin, reporting that it is not a result of a health issue.

They said the governor underwent “routine dermatology procedures.” They also said that it was a success and that Baker encourages the public to keep their healthy skin in check. This is particularly important during the summer months, with harsh UV rays potentially damaging your skin.

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