What happened to Charles Hurt? Viewers curious about Fox News contributor’s face injury

Jane Corscadden May 17, 2021
What happened to Charles Hurt? Viewers curious about Fox News contributor’s face injury

What happened to Charles Hurt? The Fox News contributor was on the channel this morning with a pretty bad face injury. As a result, viewers are curious and concerned about what happened to him.

Let’s see if he said anything about his injury, and how Twitter responded.

Who is Charles Hurt?

Charles Hurt is an American journalist and political commentator. He was born in 1971 and is a native of Chatham, Virginia. Hurt’s dad is the investigative journalist and former editor of Reader’s Digest, Henry C. Hurt. Charlie Hurt’s older brother, Robert, is a former United States Congressman.

But Charlie himself began his journalistic career during college, and his first full-time job after graduating in 1995 was at The Detroit News, where he worked until 2001.

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He has since worked for The New York Post and The Washington Times. He has been working as the opinion editor of the latter since 2016.

In the same year, he joined Fox News as a contributor.

What happened to Charles Hurt?

He appeared on Fox News this morning with a nasty face injury, leaving many viewers both curious and concerned about what had happened to cause it.

On the show he mentioned the face injury had been caused by a horse. He even joked about it on Twitter later, saying: “See @DanaPerino @BillHemmer horse wins head butting contest every time.”

He also joked that the real bravery was Bill Hemmer wearing a turtleneck on TV.

So, it seems that Charles Hurt’s injury was caused by a horse head butting him. Ouch!

Twitter reacts to Charles Hurt’s face injury

As always, Twitter users have voiced their curiosity online about Charles Hurt’s face injury. Here are just a few reactions from today:

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