What does Miss Universe do after winning the crown?

Yasmine Leung December 13, 2021
What does Miss Universe do after winning the crown?
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Now that the Miss Universe 2021 pageant is over, the attention will turn to their duties. So, what does Miss Universe actually do?

Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu was crowned as Miss Universe 2021 on Sunday night (12 December), taking over the position from reigning Miss Universe, Andrea Meza of Mexico.

Sandhu was a firm contender from the start thanks to her confident walk and pageant smile, but it was her passionate words of encouragement in the Top 3’s final questions that had the crowd roaring with support.

Now that the crown is in her hands, she’ll be jumping straight into her duties but what are they exactly?

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Summer Heat | Official Teaser | Netflix

Summer Heat | Official Teaser | Netflix

What does Miss Universe do?

For one year, Miss Universe is required to relocate to New York City – the pageant’s headquarters.

She will embark on a media tour to make appearances at sponsor events, charitable organisations and media outlets to grow her platform.

The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) is a global organization run by women with the aim to help females achieve their ambitions and build self-confidence. Through MUO, Sandhu will travel globally to help raise awareness for causes they’re passionate about and create charity funds.

Previous champion Andrea Meza was named the 2021 ‘Madrina’ (Spanish for Godmother) by the Latino Commission on AIDS in September 202. She was able to raise awareness about free and secure HIV/AIDS testing within the Latinx community.

What’s the Miss Universe prize?

Moving on to the perks of being Miss Universe.

Other than being known as the only female fit to represent the Miss Universe name, winner’s reportedly receive a six-figure salary and a free New York City apartment for one year.

Their groceries and transport are covered, as well as global travelling for free.

Miss Universe will also have a team of makeup artists, stylists and assistants on hand. From sponsors, she’ll have a huge supple of beauty products and clothes, perfect for her appearances to exclusive events, premieres, parties and castings.

Oh, and leading fashion photographers will be working with her to develop a modelling portfolio.

So overall, a lot of free stuff in exchange for great responsibility.

Harnaaz Sandhu’s first stop: GMA

After posing for her winner’s portraits on Sunday night, Sandhu’s first order of business in the morning was tuning into an interview with Good Morning America.

Wearing the Mouawad Power of Unity crown, she expressed that she’s excited to talk about female empowerment and feminine hygiene on a global scale. Inspired by her mother, who broke generations of patriarchy to become a gynecologist, Sandhu grew up working with her at health camps to address the importance of women’s health.

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