'What do you want to tell Joe Byron right now?' Internet meme explained

Yasmine Leung November 30, 2021
'What do you want to tell Joe Byron right now?' Internet meme explained


‘What do you want to tell Joe Byron?’ is the latest viral meme floating on the internet, but what does it actually mean and where does it come from?

Joe Byron sounds like Joe Biden, doesn’t it?

Well it is somewhat related to him, similar to how Let’s Go Brandon became a meme in October 2021 because of a mistake. An interviewer misheard a crowd and thought they were cheering “Let’s Go Brandon”. Instead it was a less then complementary chant aimed at the POTUS.

This time, however, it wasn’t a blunder by an interviewer – we clearly heard “Joe Byron”.

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The Holiday | Official Trailer

The Holiday | Official Trailer

‘What do you want to tell Joe Byron right now?’ explained

A chaotic video uploaded by Sidetalk reached out to Coney Island locals during Thanksgiving.

The one-minute clip starts off with a man doing the worm. He proceeds to passionately list all the things he’s grateful for: “Beans, rice, Jesus Christ and Byron,” he shouts.

Even host Gorilla Nems does a double take with “Who?”

Obviously he meant Joe Biden.

According to the man, he’s going to give the president “a big ol’ kiss” and he asked to be brought to the White House – he was very hopeful this Thanksgiving.

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The Coney Island resident is now viral on TikTok, with many creators using his voice on their videos. He’s got everyone wanting to shout “Byron” randomly now.

In answer to the question “what do you want to tell Joe Byron?”, the internet is responding with the wildest reactions.

What’s with ‘bing bong’?

Joe Byron isn’t the only meme to stem from this channel.

The phrase ‘bing bong’ is also making waves online and in real life too. TikTok users have mentioned they’ve experienced people shouting the noise at them out of the blue.

It began one month ago when Sidetalk took to the Knicks’ win against the Boston Celtics at the season opener.

The hyped fans chanted “bing bong”, which reportedly derives from the sound of closing subway doors. “Stand clear of the closing doors please; bing-bong,” says fan Jordie Bloom.

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