Was Mike Lindell aka 'the My Pillow guy' arrested? Rumor debunked

Alexandra Ciufudean September 14, 2022
Was Mike Lindell aka 'the My Pillow guy' arrested? Rumor debunked
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It went down at a Hardee’s of all places.

Mike Lindell aka “the My Pillow guy” was not arrested, as some misguided online rumors claim. But the CEO and Trump backer says he is on the FBI’s radar.

Lindell claims his phone was seized by FBI agents on Tuesday as he was waiting for his food order in a Hardee’s parking lot in Minnesota.

Here is what we know so far about what happened to Mike Lindell, including Hardee’s cheeky reaction to the situation.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Was Mike Lindell aka ‘the My Pillow Guy’ arrested?

Short answer, no. If you heard the “My Pillow guy” was arrested, you might be the victim of a game of broken telephone.

According to Lindell, though, the same can’t be said about his phone.

The My Pillow CEO claimed on Tuesday that his phone was recently seized by FBI agents with an “arrest warrant” for his cellphone. He claims the incident took place while he waited to pick up his food in a Hardee’s parking lot.

Here is what Lindell says happened.

On his talk show, The Lindell Report, Lindell said his car was surrounded by “all different models” of cars with FBI agents inside after a Hardee’s drive-thru worker asked him to “pull ahead” and wait for his order.

“I got some bad news,” Lindell claims the agent told him before showing the My Pillow CEO a warrant to seize his cellphone and asking that the device be handed over.

After protesting that he needs his phone for everything from managing his five businesses to running his hearing aids, Lindell says he asked the agent: “If I don’t give it to ya, will you arrest me then?”

While he himself wasn’t arrested, the My Pillow CEO claims his phone was.

On the Lindell Report, he mentions (and later appears to show) what he calls an “arrest warrant for my phone,” dated September 7th. His guest corrects Lindell, saying it’s called a “search warrant”.

Later, the CEO also appeared to share a subpoena from the US Attorney’s Office for Colorado.

FBI Denver’s statement

When asked whether or not they had indeed seized Lindell’s cellphone, the FBI refused to comment.

However, the Denver FBI provided the following statement (via The Daily Beast): “Without commenting on this specific matter, I can confirm that the FBI was at that location executing a search warrant authorized by a federal judge.”

Meanwhile, the US attorney’s office in Colorado did not offer a comment on Lindell’s subpoena.

The document he appeared to share on his talk show Tuesday seems to be related to a federal investigation into voting machines in Mesa County, Colorado that had allegedly been tampered with.

Apart from this subpoena, Lindell claims he has not been contacted by any other grand jury investigation into Trump’s and his backers’ attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Hardee’s cheeky response to My Pillow CEO’s ‘phone arrest’ claims

Lindell’s claim he was approached by an FBI agent with an “arrest warrant” for his phone in a Hardee’s parking lot brought the restaurant chain some dubious publicity this week.

For some, it was source of amusement.

For others, a newsflash reminder that they haven’t had some biscuits and gravy in a while. Hardee’s cheeky tweet was mainly aimed at that second category.

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