What does the Vaccinated And Ready To Commit Tax Fraud meme mean?

Bruno Cooke December 16, 2021
What does the Vaccinated And Ready To Commit Tax Fraud meme mean?


The “vaccinated and ready to commit tax fraud” meme isn’t new, but it is in vogue. You might even say it’s gathering meme-entum – T-shirts are popping up everywhere. Where did the meme originate, what does it mean, and what do you need to do to get your hands on a Vaccinated And Read To Commit Tax Fraud T-shirt?

What is the meaning of the Vaccinated And Ready To Commit Tax Fraud meme?

T-shirts bearing the phrase “Vaccinated and ready to commit tax fraud” have been available to buy online via Amazon since 19 July or via Redbubble since about the same time.

The meme’s origins may be a riff on the phrasal template Being Vaccinated Does Not Mean, which originated in early 2021, particularly on 6 April.

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The meanings of memes are often deliberately vague so as to be be relevant to more situations. 

But, as a meme, it appears to juxtapose two different social responsibilities: to not commit tax fraud and to get the jab to protect yourself against covid-19. 

The subject of its mockery appears to be those who encourage others to get vaccinated but who also commit tax fraud, thereby undermining the contribution to society they make by encouraging others to get jabbed.

Yes, there are T-shirts

T-shirts featuring the Vaccinated And Ready To Commit Tax Fraud meme are available to purchase from Redbubble, Amazon (US, not UK), StoreEnvy, and T Shirt At Low Price.

This isn’t an endorsement of any of the products on those websites by the way. We’re merely pointing the way.

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Severance | Official Teaser | Apple TV+

A more cost-effective option may be to buy a plain T-shirt – second-hand, if you prefer – and print the meme on it yourself. Alternatively, visit a design-your-own-T-shirt online store.

How long has the Vaccinated And Ready To Commit Tax Fraud meme been around?

It doesn’t have an entry on Know Your Meme yet. Presumably that’s on its way.

But the Vaccinated And Ready To Commit Tax Fraud meme has been doing the rounds on Twitter since at least July.

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Since then, numerous users have reported seeing other people wearing T-shirts bearing the phrase. Or the opposite: waking up after a night of inebriation to discover they had ordered one themselves.

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