What is the US Navy's motto and what does it mean? Navy celebrates 2021 birthday

Cara Houlton October 13, 2021
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Today, 13 October 2021 marks the 246th birthday of the US Navy. Having announced the celebration to the US Navy Twitter page, many users noticed that the military service has a motto and are eager to know more. We took a look into what the motto is, what it means and also what the US Navy’s emblem is.

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What is the US Navy’s motto?

Although the US Navy have no official motto, unlike the other six branches of the US military, the celebratory Twitter post that appeared on the US Navy Twitter page displayed the words, ‘resilient and ready’.

As many wished the service a happy 246th birthday, many Twitter users were surprised to see the motto, not having realised that the US navy had one.

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The motto which was used as a hashtag alongside the post has now been used by many others also wishing the US Navy a happy birthday.

What does the US Navy’s motto mean?

The motto ‘resilient and ready’ is used to describe all who make up the US Navy and also the service that they provide.

‘Resilient’ describes the nature of the men and women serving in the US Navy, able to spring back from difficult conditions or situations that they may face.

The word ‘ready’ is used to describe the efficiency of the service, always prepared as a US military force.

What is the US Navy emblem and what does it mean?

The US Navy emblem consists of a ring of rope surrounding a ship, anchor and eagle with the words, ‘United States Navy’ written on a scroll below.

The different features of the emblem include several meanings, for example, the anchor represents unity, service and navigation, whilst the eagle is a sign of power and authority defending the ship.

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