What are the top watched Twitch channels of 2021 as per the Recap?

Yasmine Leung December 16, 2021
What are the top watched Twitch channels of 2021 as per the Recap?
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2021 Twitch Recap rolled out Wednesday (15 December 2021), showing users their top viewing habits. But what are the top-watched channels of the year and did they make it onto your own list?

End of year recaps – a tradition and viral trend – have been rolling out from the likes of Apple Music, TikTok and even YouTube as their own versions of Spotify Wrapped.

Twitch is the latest platform to take the plunge, with Twitch Recaps landing in inboxes from 15 December.

Listing viewing habits such as top-watched channels and categories, users are now interested to find out who the top streamers were in 2021 and whether their favourites aligned with others.

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Twitch top-watched channels of 2021

According to SullyGnome, xQcOW (aka Félix Lengyel), is the most-watched channel of 2021.

With 9,654,369 followers, he’s not even the most followed creator on the platform, yet he’s beaten streamers with more.

Auronplay and Rubius both have more than 10.5 million followers but trail xQcOW at rank 3 and 20 respectively.

Lengyel streamed for 3,638 hours, with a whopping total watch time of 270,990,942 hours. From that, he accomplished 167,224 peak viewers and gained 5,292,948 followers.

Here’s a look at the top 10:

  • xQcOW – 270,990,942 hours (watch time) / 3,638 hours (stream time)
  • Gaules- 166,653,491 hours (watch time) / 8,617 hours (stream time)
  • auronplay- 118,863,601 hours (watch time) / 1,080 hours (stream time)
  • ibai – 102,427,325 hours / 1,399 hours
  • loud_coringa – 98,462,695 hours / 1,571 hours
  • summit1g – 92,894,583 hours / 3,606 hours
  • shroud – 88,098,267 hours / 2,577 hours
  • NICKMERCS – 82,584,152 hours / 1,930 hours
  • HasanAbi – 82,199,377 hours / 3,117hours
  • ESL_CSGO – 77,840,692 hours / 8,446 hours

Small streamers topped some recaps

As social media floods with everyone’s Twitch Recaps, some small streamers are overjoyed to have topped some of their fans’ lists.

Girbeagly has 21.3K followers – a long way behind the likes of xQCOW – but he’s ecstatic nonetheless to see the screenshots:

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Though some are being pretty honest about not being some people’s most loved.

Where do the top 3 most-followed Twitch channels place?

It’s actually surprising that some of the most followed channels haven’t even broken into the top 100.

We’re pointing fingers at Ninja, who is the most followed creator with 17.1 million. He ranks, however, at number 148 with 16,027,274 hours of watch time and 1,449 hours of stream time.

Auronplays is the second most followed with 10.9 million and, as we know, was third on most watched.

The third most followed streamer is Tfue – he is ranked 60 on most-watched, with 30,557,757 hours (watch time) and 2,301 hours (stream time).

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