Who is Tracey Collins? Eric Adams' partner is a respected New York educator

Amber Peake June 10, 2021
Meet Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams' partner, Tracey Collins
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Who is Tracey Collins, the partner of Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams? Adams shared an insight into his home life, giving reporters a tour of his Brooklyn townhouse to quell rumours he was actually living in New Jersey. Now some are curious to know more about Eric Adamspartner Tracey Collins and their family life.

Who is Eric Adams?

Eric Adams is currently borough president of Brooklyn, having been first elected to the position in 2013.

More recently Adams revealed the next move in his political career, announcing he would be running for New York City mayor in November last year.

Before he started his career in politics, Adams worked for the NYPD for more than two decades, progressing from an officer to a captain.

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Who is Tracey Collins? Eric Adams’ partner likes to keep a low profile

Many readers are curious to know more about Eric Adams’ partner, Tracey Collins, after seeing Adams’ apartment tour earlier today.

In a new Politico report, the publication listed several addresses Adams was associated with, one being a New Jersey address he shares with his partner, Tracey Collins.

While Adams prefers to keep his home life private, it is known Collins is an educator who currently works in New York City.

Tracey Collins’ career in education has previously been summarised in a profile by Future Executives. During her career as an educator, she has worked in many different roles, including as a teacher and later as a school principal.

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Eric Adams speaks out on his private life

Adams hosted a press conference on Wednesday, 9 June, which saw him invite reporters into his home after many wondered where exactly he lived within the city.

In the conference, Adams opened up to reporters about how he prefers to keep his home life private, but spoke a little about his son, Jordan, 25.

He explained: “Throughout my entire police career, none of my colleagues knew I had a son. I wanted to shield him from the reality of what I was doing. I became very private.”

He later added: “My secrecy is my family. I signed up for this life. They did not sign up for this life.”

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