Tom Hagen's net worth explored as Norway's true crime case comes to Netflix

Eve Edwards September 14, 2022
Tom Hagen's net worth explored as Norway's true crime case comes to Netflix


One of Norway’s most mysterious crime cases is to be explored in Netflix’s The Lørenskog Disappearance, with property tycoon Tom Hagen, who has a net worth in the billions, at the center of the drama.

WARNING: Details from The Lørenskog Disappearance case are to be discussed throughout the piece

The Lørenskog Disappearance was first released in Norway back in 2021, now arriving on Netflix this September 14, 2022. The Scandi-noir series explores the case of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, who went missing from her home in October 2018.

As of yet, the mystery has yet to be solved, but the new Netflix show casts light on one of the key players in the case: Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s husband, Tom Hagen. Described as a billionaire on the show, you might want to know more about Hagen’s net worth and more about his illustrious business career.

Tom Hagen found his fortune in energy and property

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Tom Hagen, born in 1950, is a Norwegian businessman who made his fortune from working in electrics and property development.

Hagen got his start working in property in the 1980s. He would go on to become a primary property developer. He has been described as a “tycoon” by some publications.

But it was in the energy sector that Tom Hagen struck big. Back in 1992, Hagen co-founded Elkraft AS, a company that generates, transmits, and distributes electric energy. It operates from Lørenskog in Norway. The bulk of his fortune comes from his investments in energy. In 2020, The Guardian reported that Tom Hagen had a 70 percent share in Elkraft.

Tom Hagen’s net worth explored

Tom Hagen is described as a billionaire in many reports from Norway, as back in 2020, reports estimated his net worth to be 1.9bn kroner, the Norwegian currency.

This net worth approximates $200m (US) or £147m.

Norwegian business magazine Kapital reported that Tom Hagen was once the country’s 164th richest man. His significant wealth drew extra attention to the case of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s disappearance.

Corsage | Official Trailer

Corsage | Official Trailer

Anne-Elisabeth’s prenup only secured a small part of Tom’s fortune

As attention turned to Tom Hagen during the investigation into Anne-Elisabeth’s disappearance, the property tycoon’s lawyers brought the couple’s minuscule prenuptial agreement into the public domain.

Protesting his innocence, Hagen’s lawyers shared that the couple had a prenup drawn up in 1987 which showed that Anne-Elisabeth was only entitled to 200,000 kroner (£15,000) of Tom Hagen’s fortune, as per Daily Mail’s report. This is less than 0.01 percent of Tom Hagen’s net worth. The prenup agreement also reveals that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was entitled to a plot of land and a Citroen car if the couple separated.

The ransom note for Anne-Elisabeth demanded €9m from Tom Hagen

On October 31, 2018, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen went missing from her Norway home. A ransom note was left at the scene of her disappearance, demanding €9m in the cryptocurrency Monero.

“As the case initially appeared, our main theory was that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen had been abducted by someone with a financial motive,” Øst Police District said in a statement back in 2020, as reported by Vanity Fair.

“We now believe there was no abduction and there was never any genuine negotiations. In other words, there was a clear and well-planned attempt at misleading the police,” the statement continued.

As of yet, the case of missing Anne-Elisabeth Hagen has yet to be solved, although Norway’s police department believe the billionaire’s wife to be dead.

You can stream The Lørenskog Disappearance on Netflix now.

Screenshot from The Lørenskog Disappearance episode 1 on Netflix, Cr. Netflix © 2022
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