Who is Tim Scott's wife? Is the South Carolina Senator married or dating?

Jane Corscadden April 29, 2021
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Who is Tim Scott’s wife? Is the Senator for South Carolina currently married or dating? He’s made headlines for his rebuttal speech against President Biden, and now people want to know more about all aspects of his life.

Who is Tim Scott?

But let’s start at the beginning: Who is Tim Scott exactly?

He’s currently the junior Senator for the state of South Carolina and has been in this role since 2013. Before this, he was the Congressman for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District from 2010-2013.

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Tim Scott is the first black American to serve in both chambers of Congress. He’s also the first black Senator from South Carolina, and the first black Republican to serve in the US Senate since Edward Brooke departed in 1979.

He was born in North Charleston, South Carolina, in 1965 and grew up in working-class poverty. After his parents divorced when he was 7, his mum worked 16 hour days to support her family, including Tim and his brothers.

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Is Tim Scott married?

So, let’s get to the main question: Does Tim Scott have a wife? Or a girlfriend? Is the senator currently dating anyone?

The short answer is no, Tim Scott is not married and there’s no evidence to say he’s currently dating.

Speaking to Politico, Tim Scott said he’d like to settle down and that he’s always wanted to have six kids of his own. However, he said he doesn’t want to start a family until he’s accomplished enough to take care of his mum.

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When he was in his early 40s, he got close to settling down with his girlfriend at that time. But then a seat in South Carolina’s 1st District opened up, and he decided that marriage and Congress wouldn’t mix well.

While campaigning in his 30s, Tim Scott was open about an abstinence pledge he had taken as part of his evangelical Christian faith. However, when he was 46 he admitted the pledge had been broken. Despite this, he still believes that abstinence is the better path.

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