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Meet Theo Bruce Chino Tavarez: Businessman running for NYC public advocate

Olivia Olphin June 22, 2021
Meet Theo Bruce Chino Tavarez: Businessman running for NYC public advocate

The Democratic primary election is taking place today for the NYC public advocate position. In the running is Theo Bruce Chino Tavarez. We get to know the man trying to challenge the current advocate Jumaane Williams, introducing his policies and looking at his career so far.

Who is Theo Bruce Chino Tavarez?

Theo Bruce Chino Tavarez is running for the position of public advocate in New York City.

Chino was born in France but he moved to New York when he was only three months old. However, during his childhood he was constantly moving countries, living in Venice, Paris, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

He initially studied international relations at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico but changed to study management information systems at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Theo Chino previously worked as a system engineer for Charter Communications, as well as founding Chino Ltd in 2013. He also lived in Staten Island for two years.

Theo Chino currently works as a captain of instigation for Rep My Block, which is a non-partisan organisation looking to reform NYC political parties.

He previously ran for the public advocate position in 2019, joining the Democratic Socialists of America the year before. However, he was disqualified following challenges with the ballot.

Chino has also worked passionately towards a dual language programme in New York City schools. He has said two of his top priorities will be addressing the housing crisis and subway issues if he is elected.

What is the role of a public advocate in NYC?

The public advocate is a kind of critic of the city’s policies. They represent New Yorkers, dealing with their complaints and raising awareness through various events, such as news conferences and rallies.

The public advocate cannot vote in the City Council but has some power to sponsor or introduce bills. They are also the first person to replace the mayor if they become unable to continue in their position.

Typically, the public advocate position lasts for a four-year term. However, the current advocate, Jumaane Williams, was elected in a special election in February 2019.

This was because the former public advocate, Letitia Jame,s became the state attorney general so the position was left open.

We wish the candidates luck in the elections today.

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