Radio host Alex Jones’ infamous “water is turning the frogs gay” comment resurfaces this summer, perplexing more internet users.

Alex Jones, 48, is infamous for propagating conspiracy theories. The talk show host has become widely known online for his angry outbursts and sometimes bizarre theories. One of his best known claims is about the sexuality of frogs.

Made in 2017, his comment “the water is turning the frogs gay” continues to entertain, amuse and perplex those who come across it.

As Alex Jones’ comment resurfaces this summer, The Focus takes a look at the conspiracy theory that prompted the outburst.

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Alex Jones’ ‘water is turning the frogs gay’ conspiracy theory resurfaces

One of his most infamous comments was made in 2017, as reported by CNBC, where Alex Jones claimed the “majority of frogs in most areas of the United States are now gay”.

Jones went on to claim the government was “putting chemicals in the water that turn the … frogs gay”.

Made five years ago, the comment still pops up in the public realm. It has become a meme and part of internet culture.

The ‘frog’ comment explained in context

Needless to say, Alex Jones’ comment needs a bit more explaining; it doesn’t stand alone well as displayed in ‘frog’ comment memes.

To explain the context of Alex Jones’ “water is turning the frogs gay” comment, we need to revisit a theory he broadcast more than a decade ago. In 2010, according to NBC News, Jones put forth a conspiracy theory that claimed the United States government was turning its citizens gay as part of a “chemical warfare operation”.

“The reason there’s so many gay people now is because it’s a chemical warfare operation, and I have the government documents where they said they’re going to encourage homosexuality with chemicals so people don’t have children,” Alex Jones claimed.

This conspiracy theory evolved over the years to incorporate frogs. Jones then claimed amphibians were being targeted by the so-called “chemical warfare operation”.

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Twitter continues to poke fun at ‘gay frogs’ comment

Five years on and Alex Jones’ comment is still finding new audiences online.

As images from NASA’s Webb telescope are circulated, one Twitter user joked: “We can capture images with telescopes in space of galaxies so far away that the light hitting our cameras is older than Earth… meanwhile on Earth: OUR PLANET IS FLAT! THE FLUORIDE IN OUR WATER SUPPLY IS TURNING THE FROGS GAY!”

Some have argued there is scientific backing to Alex Jones’ comments, although this hinges on the recent Environmental Protection Agency water health advisories.

Others are backing Jones’ comments citing a study on intersex frogs whose sexual behaviour changed as a result of alleged “industrial additives” in the river.

Alex Jones remix for Pride Month

Last month saw a TikTok video go viral that features Alex Jones’ “water is turning the frogs gay” comment. Rather than playing the clip as it was originally broadcast, one TikToker decided to remix it. The comment was fed into a dance track to celebrate Pride Month.

This isn’t the first time Alex Jones’ ‘frog’ video has been remixed for Pride. Last year saw another TikTok video use the audio clip in a dance remix.

Check out the remix below:

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