Soul Trap Theory explained as 'matrix reincarnation trap' resurfaces

Eve Edwards November 24, 2022
Soul Trap Theory explained as 'matrix reincarnation trap' resurfaces
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The Soul Trap Theory is the latest in a long line of theories to take over social media of late.

You may have heard of the Lucky Boy Theory but what about the Soul Trap Theory? This concept has been bouncing around the internet for many years but has resurfaced due to TikTok.

Surrounding the idea of reincarnation, the Soul Trap Theory is largely subjective as it’s based on an individual’s personal views – be they spiritual or religious.

But if you’ve come across the theory online and are looking for an explainer, here’s what we found out…

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Another theory takes over TikTok

A TikTok user created a new viral video in the style of the Lucky Boy Theory video, which has brought the soul trap idea back into public consciousness. The video has been viewed more than 370,000 times as of publication date and liked over 47,000 times.

In the short clip, we see a man sitting with his back to a mirror. The mirror image of himself then turns to stare at the man while his back is still turned. The mirror image is captioned the ‘Soul Trap Theory’.

In the Lucky Boy Theory video, this format was used to represent the individual being haunted by the theory.

Soul Trap Theory explained

The TikTok user directed viewers to the comments section for an explainer of the theory, but no such definition was given. Fortunately for those in need of an explainer, we’ve done some digging.

The Soul Trap Theory largely resembles reincarnation or ‘soul recycling’ as it has been dubbed. The belief is that once you die, your soul will be reincarnated into another body. However, if you are in a soul trap your memories will be erased and you will remain “trapped” in a cycle, reincarnating over and over again without your knowledge.

Believers in the Soul Trap Theory believe Earth is, in fact, a trap intended for human souls to remain here indefinitely so evil beings can feed on human energy. They call these beings the Archons (‘rulers’ in Greek).

‘Don’t go into the light’

Believers claim the main tool utilized in the soul trap is a tunnel of light one sees before death. This tunnel of light is supposedly created by the Archons to lure souls into reincarnating. They play ‘life reviews’ – which often occur for those who have experienced near-death experiences – that convince an individual of their need to stay on Earth. This might be because they haven’t experienced enough of life or there are wrongs they need to make right.

Those believers claim the soul trap erases one’s memory and your soul returns to Earth in another material body. The feelings, however, haven’t been erased. This means one soul’s suffering is carried into another, creating a constant cycle of suffering on Earth. They claim this energy is then fed on by the Archons.

Theory ‘sheds light’ on differing views of reincarnation

There are multiple interpretations of reincarnation, be they religious or spiritual. Reincarnation has been touched on in ancient religions and has a long-associated history with Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism, as well as the Jewish Kabbalah. Reincarnation isn’t touched on in Christian faith as life after death centers on ascension to Heaven, placement in Purgatory, or descension to Hell.

Some believers of the Soul Trap Theory view Earth as Hell, with the soul trap reincarnation matrix stopping humans from ascending to Heaven.

Buddhists believe that when someone dies they will be reborn as something else, the BBC reports. They believe what an individual will be reborn as depends on their actions in their previous life, known as karma. Karma is based on one’s thoughts and deeds while on Earth. The rebirth cycle is called samsara.

Photo by Art Media/Print Collector/Getty Images
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