Sheena Melwani went viral last year with her TikTok’s featuring The Real Indian Dad. However, she recently revealed that the man voicing her father is in fact her husband! We introduce you to the woman behind the TikToks as well as Sheena Melwani’s husband Dinesh Melwani, aka Trid.

Who is Sheena Melwani?

Although primarily known as a TikTok content creator, Melwani describes herself as a media artist and as a singer first.

She currently has 7.4 million followers on Tiktok and 141.1 million overall likes. Melwani also runs a YouTube channel where she posts videos of her singing, challenges with her husband, as well as viral trends.

She also has an incredibly impressive Instagram following of 1.6 million people and is currently working on her debut album.

The Real Indian Dad is a TikTok sensation

Last year Sheena Melwani went viral with her singing TikTok that featured her ‘Real Indian Dad’.

This hilarious content saw Melwani singing Rude by Magic! whilst playing the piano. As she sung the lyric: “I’m gonna marry her anyway” her Indian ‘father’ interjected saying that he was not going to allow her to marry this man, and that he would need a PhD to marry his daughter.

This content ironically plays with stereotypes surrounding the father-daughter relationship in Indian culture.

You can follow the Real Indian Dad on Instagram here.

However Sheena Melwani recently revealed that The Real Indian Dad in her videos is in fact her husband Dinesh Melwani!

Although some people found this piece of information quite hard to comprehend.

Meet Sheena Melwani’s husband Trid aka Dinesh

Dinesh Melwani attended the McGill University to study law from 2001-2004. He then became an attorney with Bingham McCutchen for nine years, before moving to Morgan, Lewis & Bockius as a partner.

He now works as a member at Mintz Levin in the Greater Boston Area and also leads lectures aimed at entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Melwani acts in many of his wife’s TikTok and YouTube videos, and always brings great comic timing. He now plays the role of Trid, a slightly irritating but lovable husband.

Fans continue to love their chemistry and want to see more from the couple.

We can’t wait to see more content from this cute couple!

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