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What are Sam Seder’s political views? H3 podcast debate sparks curiosity

Amber Peake June 22, 2021
What are Sam Seder’s political views? H3 podcast debate sparks curiosity


Sam Seder joined Ethan Klein in the latest episode of his H3 Podcast, where he debated with Louder With Crowder podcast host Steven Crowder. Now some viewers and listeners are curious to know more about Sam Seder and his political views.

Who is Sam Seder?

Sam Seder, born 28 November 1966, is a political commentator known for hosting his own political talk show, The Majority Report with Sam Seder.

Over the years the podcast series has gone on to become a popular show on YouTube and has since amassed over a million subscribers on the platform.

The Majority Report has also won various accolades, including a Webby Award Honoree in 2017.

Elsewhere, Seder is an actor and is best known for voicing Hugo in the cartoon series Bob’s Burgers.

Photo by Matthew Peyton/Getty Images
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Seder features on the H3 Podcast

Sam Seder featured on the latest episode of the H3 Podcast, where host Ethan Klein was set to debate Steven Crowder, who is known for his controversial opinions online.

As Seder and Crowder got down to debating, some viewers were curious to know the political beliefs of the podcast hosts.

What are Sam Seder’s political views?

Over the years, some sites have described Seder as a liberal political commentator, although he has said he prefers to keep his political views private.

He spoke of keeping his political views to himself in an episode of The Majority Report in March 2021 entitled Sam Seder Takes The Socialist Test w/ Carl Beijer.

Seder explained: “I have always been averse or never found it necessary really to identify the specifics of my political project.”

He later added: “I think if I was to ever call myself a socialist, I think socialists would get mad and say that I’m not and I don’t consider myself that way.”

Seder also spoke of why he chooses not to label his own personal beliefs on his show in October last year.

While talking to a caller, he explained: “Uh I am of the left. To be honest with you I’ve never been somebody who has been too concerned with picking a name for my set of beliefs.”

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