Retired deputy sheriff Charles Forgus claimed he saw dead alien bodies lifted away following the famous Roswell UFO crash decades ago, as reported by The Sun.

In July 1947, the military announced in a press release they had found the remains of a crashed flying saucer in the desert. However, the following day they retracted the statement, instead claiming it was a damaged US Air Force air balloon.

This month marks the 75th anniversary of the alleged 1947 UFO crash, but the decades-long debate is still far from settled.

We take a look at the spooky and chilling events that are supposed to have happened on that fateful night, and what happened thereafter. Is the truth still out there…?

Structures at Determined UFO Crash Site
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Retired deputy sheriff claimed he saw dead aliens at Roswell site

Witnesses came forward claiming to have seen alien bodies from the crashed saucer. The four dead aliens at the Roswell UFO site were allegedly seen by Charles H Forgus. He was a sheriff at the scene that night. He made his claims during a 1999 interview, which will be broadcast for the first time ever on network TV in a documentary entitled Roswell 75: The Final Evidence.

Former deputy sheriff Charles H Forgus, of Howard County, Texas, claimed he was travelling to Roswell to pick up a prisoner. He was travelling with Sheriff Jess Slaughter when the sighting occurred. The journey took place on the evening of 2 July 1947. We now know this to be the date of the famous alleged ‘UFO crash’.

Forgus claims he saw four alien bodies with “big eyes and brownish-coloured skin”. The sheriff said he saw them being taken away by the military and taken to a different base. Forgus suggested “they might have hauled them to the hospital or somewhere”.

The officer was deeply intrigued by the incident. He said he spent about 20 to 30 minutes looking at the scene, adding military officials “saw him looking but didn’t say anything”. Other theories suggest that what Forgus saw were crash test dummies. The odd theory claims it had been a hot air balloon spying on the Russians.

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75th anniversary of Roswell UFO crash

In the testimony, Forgus recounts the events of the alleged sighting. He said: “We went to Roswell to pick up a prisoner. When we got there the land was covered with soldiers. They were hauling a big creature, hauling him away. They wouldn’t let us get very close to it either.” He also claimed to see alien bodies: “I think I seen about four.”

When asked what the UFO looked like, he described it as “a big round thing” measuring about 100ft. He also said he saw all the lights go out “when it banged into the wall in the creek”. Forgus noted “it was like a mountain on the side of the creek”.

Ramy & Dubose Identify Weather Balloon
Fort Worth Army Air Field 8th July 1947: Brigadier General Roger M Ramey (left), Commanding General of the 8th Airforce, and Colonel Thomas J Dubos…

Forgus has always been noted as a key witness. He was interviewed in 1999 by Los Angeles private investigator Deanna Short, who recorded the interview on video. The transcript notes deputy sheriff Charles H Forgus and sheriff Jess Slaughter had heard about the crash on the police radio. The radio in turn helped them locate and witness the crash scene recovery in New Mexico.

However, despite the decades of theories resurfacing and bizarre stories from Roswell, the government has always insisted it was a weather balloon.

However, the fact the US military changed its initial statement kicked into motion conspiracy theories that will last a lifetime.

Roswell 75: The Final Evidence will air this Thursday, 7 July at 9pm ET on BLAZE.

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