Texan credit repair company Rose Credit Repair has made headlines after its owner was accused of using false police reports to help fix her customer’s credit.

This week it was reported that Rose Credit Repair owner, 29-year-old Roekeicha Lashay Brisby, had been arrested following her alleged involvement in a multi-million scheme that was conducted through her business. 

Following the reports, some are curious to know more about the company and the services it provided. Here’s what we know…

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Rose Credit Repair makes headlines

On Sunday (10 July), Click 2 Houston reported that the owner of Rose Credit Repair, Roekeicha Lashay Brisby, had been arrested following her alleged involvement in a multimillion-dollar finance scheme.

As explained by the local Houston news station, the Texan credit repair company made headlines this week after a $3.3 million finance scheme conducted through the business was uncovered.

Court documents obtained by the publication stated Brisby had filed 133 false police reports, which sought to erase an estimated $1,400,000 in client debt.

The documents also stated that the scheme began in November 2020 and continued until March 2022.

What is Rose Credit Repair?

Rose Credit Repair was a company which aimed to help its clients fix issues with their credit. The company was owned by 29-year-old Roekeicha Lashay Brisby, who was also known to customers under the nickname Rose.

Brisby became a familiar face across the business as she fronted the brand on its social media pages. The business had amassed a sizable following across its YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages.

The company’s YouTube channel has just over 15,000 subscribers and featured several advice videos on credit and finance.

Rose Credit Repair’s largest following was on its Instagram, with almost 70,000 followers however it also had 2,300 likes on Facebook.

What services did the company offer?

Rose Credit Repair offered services which focused on advising clients struggling with their credit and helping build it. 

Owner of the credit repair company Rose Brisby shared an insight into how its services work in an introductory video for clients in April 2021 on the brand’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Brisby explained that initially, clients would start out with a consultation to assess their credit.

On Rose Credit Repair’s website, some of the services the company offered included a free tax estimate as well as resources to help clients sort their taxes themselves.

The site also listed a mentorship section which offered coaching in business and personal credit under the Rose Business Academy.

What did Rose Credit Repair claim to do?

As per photos taken by investigators that were obtained by Click 2 Houston, a banner from the company claimed to help customers with “common errors” through the “use of law.” The publication clarified such errors included bankruptcies or late payments.

Click 2 Houston also detailed some of the company’s other claims, which alleged it could help clients raise their credit score as much as “50-100 points” as well as that customers would see results in “in 35 days or less.”

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